Mick Foley’s Daughter Noelle Margaret Is a Model and Actress

Mick Foley

Mick Foley, born Michael Francis Foley, is a multi-talented guy. He is a former professional wrestler, actor, comedian, author, and color commentator. He is now signed to WWE and has previously performed for the World Wrestling Federation, World Championship Wrestling, National Wrestling Alliance, and Extreme Championship Wrestling. In 2013, he was also inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame.

Mick Foley Family

Mick is a happily married father of three. He has been married to Colette, his lifelong wife, with whom he has four children. The marriage had three boys, Dewey Francis Foley, Michael Francis Foley, and Hughie Francis Foley, as well as a daughter, Noelle Margaret Foley. On special occasions, the 56-year-old professional wrestler often posts photos with his large family, demonstrating that the Foley family is a happy collection of folks. On June 25, 2021, for example, he shared a family photo with his wife and four children. Everyone was dressed in Christmas-themed clothing in the photo, which Mick commented, “HAPPY HALFWAY TO CHRISTMAS!”

Mick Foley
Mick Foley (Source: Google)

Noelle Foley, Mick Foley’s daughter Margaret works as a model and actress.

Mick Foley
Mick Foley (Source: Google)

Noelle, Mick, and his wife’s only child were born on December 15, 1993. She is now well-known in the entertainment world as a model and reality TV personality. Her reality TV credits include WWE Hall of Fame, Holy Foley!, Wrestling with Wregret, and WWE Kitchen SmackDown, according to IMDb. She has also appeared on WWE Monday Night RAW and WWE Ring of Honor.

Mick and Noelle, a father-daughter combination, appeared on film together in an August 2016 edition of Holy Foley! and discussed their relationship. “Growing up, I assumed everyone looked like their father…a madman. But as I got older, I realized that only my father was like that “During the show, Noelle mentioned her father.

She went on to say that despite what others said, she and her father always preferred to hang out with the other. She added that they were always frank with one another and saw each other as “partners.” The two also revealed in the same show that their relationship was not always flawless, as they had disagreements on many matters throughout the years.

Mick Foley’s Three Sons Are Also Advancing in Their Careers.

Dewey, Mick’s oldest son, was born on February 20, 1992, and works as a television writer. Despite the fact that his exact television writing credentials are unknown, he was formerly said to be a member of the WWE setup. He was recruited as one of the “primary creative minds” behind 205 Live, according to Wrestling Observer Newsletter.

Mick also turned to Facebook on December 4, 2015, to stress that WWE employing his son will not impact his opinion of the program. “My son was recruited by WWE creative two months ago and will begin working with the business in January,” he stated, adding, “My kid will try his best to ‘bring it’ every day.” He’ll be working long hours in a thankless, challenging job for entry-level pay, which is exactly as it should be.” The wrestler’s second son Mickey has a YouTube channel with his brother Hughie [Mick’s youngest kid].