Michael Peter Balzary And Melody Ehsani Welcomed Their First Child

Michael Peter Balzary

Flea, a well-known musician and performer, just had a kid with his wife, fashion designer Melody Ehsani. The Stranded actor revealed the news to E! News two days earlier, on Thursday, December 15. During the interview, Flea, actual name Michael Peter Balzary, expressed his joy at the arrival of the kid but said that he isn’t getting enough sleep in between all of this. In a separate interview with PEOPLE before the baby’s birth, the Inside Out actor said that he is eager to spend time with the child, adding:

“I’m simply looking forward to sleeping with a small baby on my breast, smelling its little breath and feeling its soft little feet.”

Ehsani revealed her pregnancy on Instagram in July of this year, and the post was quickly swamped with congratulations from her close friends. Flea already has two children from prior relationships, Clara (34) with ex-wife Loesha Zeviar and Sunny Bebop (17) with Frankie Rayder.

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Melody Ehsani is a well-known fashion designer.

Melody Ehsani, who was born on March 27, 1980, is the CEO of the M.E. brand, which she founded 15 years ago. The 42-year-old has solely hired women to operate her business. The nicest thing about Ehsani’s brand is that the items promote female empowerment. Her footwear designs are presently prominent in the market, and she has cooperated with a number of other businesses, which has increased M.E’s fame. She is also the Footlocker Women’s Creative Director, and she has promoted her brand with the help of well-known athletes and influencers.

Michael Peter Balzary

Her product designs have acquired celebrity exposure, with well-known faces like Rihanna, Billie Eilish, Anthony Davis, and Serena Williams wearing them. Ehsani also assisted her husband’s band in promoting their 12th album, Unlimited Love. She once had a business on Fairfax Avenue in Los Angeles. She earned her bachelor’s degree in philosophy and sociology from UCLA before enrolling in law school.

Flea and Melody Ehsani’s relationship

It is still unclear how and where Flea and Melody Ehsani first met. However, the couple married in 2019 and announced the news on their social media pages. The Woodstock ’94 performer said that his “life has transformed” and that he has met someone who sees and understands everything about him. The groom wore a lavender tuxedo with a bright green bow tie and lime-trimmed shoes. The bride chose a long gown with an appliqué bodice embellished with flower embellishments.

Michael Peter Balzary

Flea formerly married Loesha Zeviar, with whom she divorced in 1990. He later became engaged to Frankie Rayder, but the marriage did not last long. Although the 60-year-old is most recognized for his work with the Red Hot Chili Peppers, he has also shared the stage with a number of other well-known musicians. He also had a short solo career but is most recognized for his roles in films such as American Hardcore, The Other F Word, Jaco, Baby Driver, Toy Story 4, and others. The singer has also been on television series such as The Big Breakfast, The Wild Thornberrys, Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Dancing with the Stars, and others.