Meet Steve Angeli Parents, Janos And Stefanie Angeli: Family Details

Steve Angeli

Steve Angeli, the University of Notre Dame quarterback, is making considerable progress in collegiate football, thanks to his parents’ love and support. Steve Angeli, who is entering his junior year at Notre Dame, is anticipated to play an important role on the team. This is due to his exceptional performance as a rotational player throughout his first two years.

A portion of the credit for his outstanding success should also go to his supportive family and parents. Steve attended Bergen Catholic High School and excelled as a quarterback. His impressive achievements were recognized with a 4-star ESPN rating. After committing to Notre Dame, he played mostly as a backup player in his freshman and sophomore seasons. Nonetheless, he has rapidly become a fan favorite. Needless to say, the athletic and very skilled quarterback is projected to make a significant impact in his junior and senior years.

Steve Angeli’s Parents

Steve’s parents are Janos and Stefanie, and he was born in Oradell, New Jersey. Steve’s parents have extensive expertise in the business sector in New York and New Jersey. His father, Janos, is Colliers’ Vice President of Enterprise Project Management. Additionally, this corporation is situated in New Jersey.

Steve Angeli

His LinkedIn page shows a diverse portfolio of a business career spanning more than 25 years. He has gained experience as an engineer, project manager, administrative CEO, and in other roles. Before his professional career, he earned a degree in Marine Engineering at the Marine Maritime Academy. Similarly, Steve’s mother, Stefanie, is a successful business and management professional. She earned a bachelor’s degree in public relations and communications from Monmouth University in 1986.

She is a senior account manager at ALM Media in New York City. She is very skilled in sales, advertising, and accounting, having worked in these fields for many years. Steve is very motivated by his parents’ achievements in their different industries. They also take time away from their hectic working schedules to watch Steve’s bouts. This demonstrates their unwavering love and support for their kid. The couple has two further children, Jack and Nicholas.

The Role of Parents in Steve’s Life

When assessing how Steve has achieved college success, it all begins with his parents, Janos and Stefanie. In an honest interview, Janos noted that Steve has always been very aware of his surroundings.

“Being a third child, Steve had this extrasensory perception of what was going on around him.”

Furthermore, Janos said that Steve is composed and does not define his life by his athletic success or failure. “Part of this stems from Steve being the youngest and looking up to his siblings, who are successful in their sports. He realized that sports achievements are objective and that nothing is personal.

Steve Angeli

As a quarterback, a highly scrutinized position in football, Steve learned to be harsh from an early age. “He does not take anything personally. And he doesn’t over-worry about things he can’t change,” said Steve’s mother, Stefanie, praising her son’s mental awareness. Overall, with such mental strength and parents who will support him through thick and thin, the sky is the limit for the young quarterback.