Meet Paul Bissonnette Parents, Yolande And Cam Bissonnette: Wiki & Family

Paul Bissonnette

This article focuses on Paul Bissonnette’s parents, Yolande and Cam Bissonnette, who have been tremendously supportive of his hockey career. Paul Bissonnette, sometimes known as “BizNasty,” is a former professional ice hockey player from Canada. He was recognized for his muscular physique and enforcer role on the ice while playing mostly as a left wing.

Bissonnette’s professional career started in the Ontario Hockey League (OHL), and he was subsequently drafted in the fourth round of the 2003 NHL Entry Draft by the Pittsburgh Penguins. Bissonnette played in the NHL with the Pittsburgh Penguins and the Phoenix Coyotes (now the Arizona Coyotes). He was noted for his aggressive playing style, often provoking confrontations and serving as an enforcer to protect his teammates.

Despite having a great ice hockey career, Paul announced his retirement on September 7, 2017, via his Instagram account. On social media, the former athlete is highly popular. His online persona has also helped him build a considerable influence in popular culture, which has led to a variety of media appearances and possibilities beyond his playing career. He is presently a studio analyst for NHL on TNT, the color commentator for Arizona Coyotes radio, and the co-host of the hockey podcast Spittin’ Chiclets on the Barstool Sports with Ryan Whitney.

Who Are Paul Bissonnette’s Parents, Yolande Bissonnette and Cam Bissonnette?

Even after retiring from professional hockey, Paul Bissonnette’s mix of physical play, social media presence, and broadcasting work has made him a known figure in the hockey world. As a consequence, fans are continuously interested in Paul Bissonnette’s personal life and want to learn more about his parents, who nurtured him to become a prominent figure. The former ice hockey player was born on March 11, 1985, in Welland, Ontario, Canada, to parents Cam and Yolande Bissonnette.

Paul Bissonnette

His mother and father were influential in developing his life and profession, instilling in him excellent values and ethics. Furthermore, when it comes to Paul Bissonnette’s parents‘ professional backgrounds, his father was a steelworker and a former volunteer fireman. His mother worked at Niagara College for 30 years as an office administration professor in Southern Ontario. Additionally, his parents encouraged and inspired him from an early age to work hard for his objectives and fight back against any wrongdoings.

The powerful figure is now working hard to repay his parents and is not hesitant to speak out against injustice. He also discusses the sacrifices his family made to raise him and provide him with a wonderful existence. Paul also enjoys tweeting his father’s photos, particularly when they are naked. Certainly, the family of three lives a nice and happy life together, and our best wishes accompany them.

Paul Bissonnette

Paul Bissonnette Family Tree

Paul Bissonnette lives with his father and mother, as well as his sister Nathalie Bissonnette. Bissonnette’s sister is a teacher, according to her Twitter page. In addition, she is already married. Furthermore, the brother and sister performed a jiggly dance during her wedding. We can observe that Paul has a close relationship with his family since they are often seen together. In terms of love, the former ice hockey star is presently in a happy relationship with his girlfriend, Kendal Abigail, although they have yet to marry. The cute couple has been together for many years, but little information about their relationship chronology or dating history is accessible.