Meet Oscar Robertson Wife, Yvonne Crittenden: Relationship And Kid Details

Oscar Robertson and his wife, Yvonne, have been married for almost 60 years, having a lasting tie of passion and love. Furthermore, their marriage has resulted in a magnificent family unit complete with three children.

Oscar Robertson, born November 24, 1938, is a former American basketball player who is largely recognized as one of the best. He spent a significant amount of his great career with the Cincinnati Royals and Milwaukee Bucks of the NBA, winning one NBA championship during his career, with the Milwaukee Bucks in 1970-71.

Oscar Robertson’s Wife, Yvonne Crittenden

The basketball icon is married to Yvonne Crittenden. The pair married in 1960 and have had a long-lasting loving relationship. They married before Oscar made his NBA debut, suggesting that Yvonne has been with Oscar throughout his sports career. It is difficult to cope with the rigorous and unexpected nature of an athlete’s existence. Oscar Robertson’s wife’s steadfast support has been a pillar of strength throughout his long career, both highs and lows.

Yvonne Crittenden

Spending six decades married is a remarkable achievement that deserves to be recognized, demonstrating how much the pair loves each other and has stayed together through thick and thin, being an encouragement to all around them. Furthermore, the pair constantly recognizes the importance of their significant other in their lives. They have appeared together at high-profile NBA events and ceremonies.

Yvonne notices Oscar’s influence on the sport of basketball and how it spreads to the real world. In a humorous comment, Oscar defined himself as a dull guy since he had been married to the same lady for a long time. He will be eternally grateful for marrying a lady who has supported him through his life’s ups and downs. The pair also have a philanthropic mentality. As a result, Oscar played an important part in the Boys Club of New York and the National Kidney Foundation. He also established the Oscar & Yvonne Robertson Scholarship Fund, which aims to aid minority students at the University of Cincinnati. To conclude, Oscar Robertson and his wife have been married for nearly 60 years, demonstrating the value of a solid marriage for future generations.

Yvonne Crittenden

Oscar Robertson and Yvonne Crittenden Have Three Children

The couple has three daughters: Shana, Tia, and Mari. This marked the beginning of a new chapter in their relationship, as they became parents. They took to parenting like a duck to water and fulfilled their obligations by having three lovely kids. Oscar’s unwavering devotion to his children was shown in 1997 when he gave a kidney to his daughter Tia.