Meet Jean Reno Wife, Nathalie Dyszkiewicz: A Look At Their Relationship

Jean Reno

Let us look at the love life of a French actor and Jean Reno’s wife, Nathalie Dyszkiewicz, as well as their relationship chronology throughout the years. Jean Reno is a well-known French actor best known for his appearances in films such as “The Big Blue,” “Léon: The Professional,” “Mission: Impossible,” and “The Da Vinci Code,” is a well-known personality in the world of cinema.

Aside from his film triumphs, his personal life has received a lot of attention, notably his marriage experience.
Jean Reno’s love life has had its ups and downs, characterized by marriages and divorces. This page goes into the actor’s love life, including information on his current married status as well as a look at his dating history. Readers will receive insight into the enthralling world of Jean Reno’s love escapades, from his early connections to his present marriage. Stay tuned for an investigation into the uplifting and turbulent episodes of this French acting legend’s life.

Who Is Nathalie Dyszkiewicz, Jean Reno’s Wife?

Nathalie Dyszkiewicz is a former model turned hypnotherapy from Poland. She met Jean Reno in 1995 and married him a year later. When she was 21 and he was 47, they met in Paris. She gave birth to two of his children, Tom in 1996 and Serena in 1998. She was also a stepmother to Reno’s previous marriage’s two daughters, Sandra and Mickael. Their marriage, however, did not last long, and they divorced in 2001. According to some stories, their divorce was caused by Reno’s hectic work and Dyszkiewicz’s yearning for additional children.

Jean Reno

Nathalie worked as a model for numerous agencies and brands in New York, Paris, and Milan. She also created projects and produced screenplays. In 2018, she chose to pursue a career in hypnotherapy, a therapeutic practice that employs hypnosis. She completed her hypnotherapy training with HOPANEA and IFHE. Nathalie Dyszkiewicz keeps her personal life secret and seldom appears in the media. She has a positive connection with Jean Reno and their children.

Jean Reno’s Relationship Timeline

Jean Reno had three marriages and six children as a result of his three marriages. His first wife, Genevieve, whom he married in 1977 when he was 29 and she was 19, divorced after 11 years of marriage in 1988. Sandra, their daughter, was born in 1978, and Mickael, their son, was born in 1980. In 1996, Jean Reno married his second wife, Nathalie Dyszkiewicz. At the time of their marriage, he was 48 and she was 22. They have two children, Tom and Serena. Serena, the daughter, was born in 1998, and Tom, the boy, was born in 1996. After five years of marriage, they divorced in 2001. Jean Reno married Zofia Borucka, his third and current wife when he was 58 and she was 34. They married in 2006 and have two children: Cielo (born in 2009) and Dean (born in 2011).

Jean Renod

Borucka is an actress and model who has acted in films such as K-PAX and Flyboys. They have two children: a boy named Cielo, born in 2009, and a son named Dean, born in 2011. As of 2023, they are still married. Jean is one of France’s and the world’s most successful and well-known actors. Onscreen, he has been lauded for his variety and charm. The actor has said that he loves his children and spends as much time as possible with them. He has also said that he respects and considers his ex-wives to be friends. He has also been in various love relationships that have garnered media notice. Zofia Borucka is his current wife.