Meet Elijah Brown- Michael Ealy’s Son With Khatira Rafiqzada

Meet Elijah Brown

Michael Ealy is an accomplished American actor who is most known for his work in supporting parts. Ealy rose to prominence after appearing in the 2002 comedy film Barbershop as Ricky Nash, a reformed gangster. In addition, he has appeared in films such as Think Like A Man, About Last Night, Two Fast Two Furious, and many others. Michael recently appeared in the film The Intruder, which was released in 2019.

When it comes to Michael Ealy’s personal life, most of it is shrouded in secrecy. However, you may be aware that he is married to Khatira Rafiqzada and the proud father of two children. Michael Ealy has two children, one of them is the gifted Elijah Brown. Meet Michael Ealy’s kid Elijah Brown and learn more about him.

Born As Michael and Khatira’s First Child

Michael and Khatira started dating in 2008 and have been together since then. For four years, the two lovebirds were in a romantic relationship. After that, they married in a private ceremony in California in October of 2012. Michael and Khatira’s story was only revealed to the world in December of that year.
After two years of marriage, the happy couple decided to expand their family with new members. In 2014, they welcomed Elijah Brown, their first child together. Paw Patrol, Michael and Khatira’s firstborn, is Elijah’s favorite cartoon, which he enjoys watching with his papa. Elijah also enjoys playing various activities with his father Michael, such as football, video games, and others.

Elijah’s first day of school, according to his father, Michael, occurred on September 5, 2017. Michael had taken time off from work to drive Elijah to school.


Has A Sister

In 2017, Elijah became a big brother. Michael’s second child, Harlem Brown, was born to his mother, Khatira. For a long time, the couple kept their daughter’s name hidden from the public eye. But thanks to Elijah’s mother, Khatira, who exposed her identity on Instagram.
Michael and Khatira haven’t revealed anything else about their daughter. The brother-sister pair adores and cherishes their time together. Michael Ealy’s children, Elijah and Harlem, have images on their mother Khatira’s social media accounts.

His Dad Is A Very Private Person

Michael, Elijah’s father, is a reclusive individual. Before the public, he does not reveal much about his wife and children. Michael tells the press in an interview that he doesn’t want to share every detail of his life on social media. He also stated that he has been private since high school and does not post everything on social media.

Elijah Brown’s father, without a doubt, wishes to shield his family from unwelcome attention and media paparazzi. He would like his family lives a healthy lifestyle away from the limelight.

Elijah’s mother, on the other hand, is fairly open on social media sites like Instagram and Facebook. She frequently shares images of her two adorable children as well as her adoring hubby. The joyful husband and wife are certainly raising their children well, as Khatira’s posts demonstrate.

Despite being secretive about his personal life, Elijah Brown’s father, Michael, recently used Instagram to pay tribute to his wife, Khatira Rafiqzada, who was killed in Afghanistan. Ealy praised his wife’s courage and determination to assist others trapped in the war-torn country.

Khatira fled Afghanistan when she was 12 years old and now works to assist others who are fleeing the country. She even talked to young Elijah about the situation and explained what his family members in Afghanistan were going through. We hope that Khatira’s entire family is safe and that she finds serenity in the midst of the upheaval.