Meet Don Burke Wife Marea Burke: Relationship, Children And Wiki

Don Burke Wife

People are curious in Don Burke’s wife, Marea Burke, now that Don has returned to the spotlight after being canceled in the 1990s. Donald William Burke OAM is an Australian television producer, author, gardener, and broadcaster. From 1987 until late 2004, he was the presenter of Burke’s Backyard, a lifestyle program produced by his wife’s firm CTC Productions that aired on the Nine Network.

He also invented the garden remodeling show Backyard Blitz, which stars a former employee called Jamie Durie. On January 26, 2010, Burke was awarded the Medal of the Order of Australia (OAM) for his services to the horticulture industry, media as a television broadcaster, and conservation and the environment via advisory positions. Burke and his wife, Marea, appeared on A Current Affair in July 2015 to address Marea’s health difficulties, including arteriovenous malformation (AVM) and breast cancer.

Who Is Marea Burke, Don Burke’s Wife? Married Life

Don and Marea Burke have been married for almost 50 years. She oversees CTC Productions, the couple’s media company, which has produced numerous successful lifestyle and home renovation series, as previously stated. Marea’s main customer was Burke’s Backyard magazine, which was terminated in 2013. Known for keeping their private lives private, the pair revealed a rare glimpse inside their lives in 2015. Don and his wife, Marea, spoke with Tracey Grimshaw of A Current Affair about the difficult struggle they have been fighting for over 15 years.

Don Burke Wife

Don’s wife has an arteriovenous malformation (AVM). It is an abnormal clump of blood vessels sitting on top of her brain that may be devastating if left untreated. Marea’s complete family came together to support her at this difficult time. During the interview, they referred to each other as soulmates. regardless of everything, Marea and Don have found at least one bright part of their situation, regardless of how difficult the last 19 years have been for them. Marea thinks that going through these difficulties together has strengthened their bond. Despite being in remission, her health is quite fragile at the moment. Even while he still looks after her, the allegations against her husband and the exposure of his extramarital activities are surely not helping.

Despite her health worries and allegations against her husband, she looks unwavering. When asked what Marea thought of her husband’s situation, A Current Affair anchor Tracey Grimshaw described her as “tough, yet fragile.” Even though she may have had a terrible few years, it looks like she will persevere.

Is Don Burke a Father?

Sean Burke, who produced a Sunday football program, and Christine Burke, who worked as executive producer of Burke’s Backyard, are Don Burke’s children. In addition to his wife, he has two grandkids. Marea shunned Burke’s limelight, although she was largely responsible for his success behind the scenes. Burke described her as the CEO of the production business CTC Productions. “It was a huge job; she organized the whole thing, dealt with the staff, and turned vague ideas into reality.”

Don Burke Wife

Burke’s Backyard was canceled by a television executive in 2004 after 17 years on the Nine Network, a decision he allegedly called “dumb” at the time. Although the reason for the show’s discontinuation is uncertain, earlier speculations have included a drop in ratings for some participants and dictatorial conduct. Don Burke continues to host Burke’s Backyard on the radio and manages the show’s website and social media accounts.

Don Burke Net Worth

According to networthpost, Don Burke’s net worth as of 2023 is $16 million. He leveraged his profession to create a multimillion-dollar company. Don Burke is an accomplished author, producer, television host, and gardener. After 17 years, a television executive withdrew Burke’s Backyard off the Nine Network, a decision he called “dumb” at the time.

Although the cause for the show’s discontinuation is unclear, previous rumors claimed a drop in viewership and problematic conduct on the part of certain performers. Burke’s Backyard website, social media channels, and radio programs are still managed by Don Burke. Celebrity gardener Don Burke obtained a “pyrrhic win” in a defamation case filed by a woman who accused him of misbehaving after the ACT Supreme Court ruled the credibility of the allegedly defamatory words he made was limited.

Mr. Burke denied in an interview with Channel 9’s A Current Affair that he had asked Wendy Dent to audition for his well-known television show Burke’s Backyard topless. Mr. Burke was then sued for defamation by Wendy Dent.