Matt Wordsworth New Job: Why Did He Leave ‘ABC’? Net Worth And Whereabout

Matt Wordsworth

Many people are wondering what Matt Wordsworth will do after leaving ABC, and it has been claimed that he will work in communications. Matt Wordsworth, an award-winning Australian journalist, will leave ABC News on March 3, 2023, following 12 years of service. His resignation has sparked curiosity regarding his future professional endeavors and financial worth.

Wordsworth’s exit from ABC News has fueled conjecture about his future professional endeavors and financial wealth. While it is unclear what his future holds, one thing is certain: his journalistic work has made an indelible effect on Australian media, and his legacy will live on. This article will look at Matt Wordsworth’s future plans after leaving ABC, as well as his net worth and career earnings.

Where Will Matt Wordsworth Go After He Leaves ABC?

Matt Wordsworth’s exit from ABC News has many admirers wondering where he will go next. Wordsworth is reportedly moving into the realm of communications after quitting ABC. He has joined the PR company Hill+Knowlton Strategies as a director, bringing his significant journalistic expertise to the table.

Matt Wordsworth

Wordsworth has garnered multiple awards for his journalistic work, including a Walkley Award in 2013 for his coverage of the Queensland floods. His ability to tell captivating and thought-provoking tales has won him many fans, and he is expected to bring the same level of enthusiasm and devotion to his new post in communications.

Matt Wordsworth’s Net Worth And Earnings Throughout His Career

The net worth of Matt Wordsworth is believed to be approximately $3 million. He has amassed this fortune via his successful journalistic career spanning more than two decades. Wordsworth started his journalistic career at the age of 21 as a reporter for the now-defunct Brisbane Independent Newspaper.

Later, in 2004, he joined ABC as a news reporter and rose through the ranks to become a recognized journalist and anchor for ABC News. Wordsworth has covered a wide range of topics, from politics to natural catastrophes, and has earned a reputation for his sharp reporting and in-depth analysis. He has also hosted ABC’s flagship news show, 7.30, and has led live coverage of major events such as the 2016 U.S. presidential election. Despite leaving ABC, Wordsworth’s journalistic work has left an everlasting imprint on Australian media, and his legacy will live on.

Matt Wordsworth

What happened to Matt Wordsworth?

Matt Wordsworth joined the PR agency Hill+Knowlton Strategies as a director after leaving ABC. He is anticipated to apply his breadth of journalistic expertise to his new post, assisting the Company in developing and implementing successful communication strategies for its customers.

Given his reputation as a superb storyteller and communicator, Wordsworth’s shift into communications comes as no surprise. His ability to weave intriguing stories and condense difficult material into readily consumable sound bites will serve him well in his new post.¬†Despite leaving ABC, Wordsworth has stated his commitment to public broadcasting and the value of excellent journalism. He added in a statement that public broadcasting was more important than ever and that he was a staunch supporter of it.