Mason Crosby Age: How Old Is He? Achievements And Career Highlights

Mason Crosby

Mason Crosby’s name has been heard across the globe of American football for quite some time. He was born on September 3, 1984, making him 39 years old as of 2023. Many people know Mason for his incredible abilities as a placekicker, but there’s more to his story than that. Let’s find out how old Mason Crosby is and learn more about his life.


Mason Walker Crosby is widely regarded as an elite American football placekicker. He is currently unattached to any organization, making him a free agent. His great career started in college football at Colorado when he was named consensus All-American.

Background and Early Years

Mason Crosby’s adventure began on September 3, 1984, in Lubbock, Texas, USA. Mason grew up in an athletic family, with both parents being collegiate athletes, so it was natural for him to be drawn to athletics. Rees Crosby and Ashley Fraser, his siblings, have also played important roles in his upbringing.

Mason Crosby

Accolades and College Football

Crosby chose the University of Colorado for his collegiate career and played for the Colorado Buffaloes with unrivaled enthusiasm. His efforts were not in vain. He was named an All-American unanimously in 2006. During his tenure at the university, he earned 228 career points, the most in school history at the time.

Green Bay Packers and the NFL Draft

Mason’s career took a big shift in 2007. Recognizing his potential, the Green Bay Packers picked him in the sixth round of the NFL Draft. He not only began his career with the Packers, but he also played a key role in the Packers’ Super Bowl XLV championship squad against the Pittsburgh Steelers.

My Professional Career Highlights

Crosby showed himself over and again during his career. With a career field goal percentage of 88.4% and an extra point percentage of 99.2%, he is among the greatest kickers in NFL history. His career highlights include a stunning 56-yard field goal against the Detroit Lions in 2010.

Personal Life

Mason Crosby has a private life away from the pitch. He married Molly Ackerman in 2008, and the pair has two children, one of them is Nolan Crosby.

Mason Crosby

Notable Achievements and Moments

Crosby’s accomplishments range from setting the 10th-best all-time record in field goal attempts to make a 50-yard field goal to earn a victory over the Dallas Cowboys in 2016. His football career is littered with moments of pride and accomplishment.

Current Situation and Prospects

With his present situation as a free agent, there is considerable conjecture about “how old is Mason Crosby” and what his future holds. Although his immediate intentions are unknown, the football world is waiting for his next move with bated breath.┬áMason Crosby’s story is one of perseverance, talent, and uncompromising work. His path from Lubbock, Texas, to becoming an NFL star serves as an inspiration to many. Crosby’s future moves are being watched with bated breath by the football world.