Magdalena Stam Age: How Old Is She? Know More About Her Family & Husband

Magdalena Stam

Magdalena Stam, a member of the Klan, was a popular favorite from 2009 until 2017. Magdalena Stam’s Wikipedia page includes information on her work and personal life. Madalena Stam-Simmons, known professionally as Magdalena Stam, is an actress. The Polish actress is most known for her appearances in the TV shows Fola Zbrodni, Klan, Komisarz Alex, and Pierwsza Milosc.

Magdalena played Zyta Tyczynska in the TV series Klan. In 2008, the talented actress started her career. Stam rose to prominence as one of the Klan’s most popular figures in the late 2000s. The pretty woman had a brilliant profession, a wonderful husband, and a loving family. But then something happened that altered everything. The artist has not been on film since then. Fans of the Ku Klux Klan actress are still wondering whether she will ever return and resume her acting career. Let’s start with Magdalena Stam Wikipedia.

Magdalena Stam Age And Wikipedia: How Old Is The Actress?

Magdalena Stam was born in 1983, in Kocian, Poland, circa. As a result, the brilliant performer is 40 years old as of 2023. She made her acting debut in the 2008 film Fala zbrodni. Stam’s charisma and brilliant performances earned the hearts of millions of people. She appeared in various television shows before obtaining one of her most memorable roles in the drama Klan. The narrative of the Lubicz family was the subject of the play.

Magdalena Stam

Maria and Wladyslaw, an older couple, have five adult children who are also parents. They are all trying to live their best lives while managing good and bad days and day-to-day problems. Magdalena participated in 38 episodes of the successful drama as Zyta Tyczynska before departing in 2017. Since then, the stunning actress has not been in any films or television shows.

Jason Simmons, Magdalena Stam’s Husband

Magdalena Stam, a member of the Ku Klux Klan, is happily married to Jason Simmons. The Stam-Simmons couple married in Magdalena’s hometown in 2014. When the performer married Mr. Simmons, she was 31 years old. For their honeymoon, the charming couple traveled across the ocean. However, the actress returned from her romantic getaway alone. It was then disclosed that her spouse had received an attractive job offer in California.

Stam and Jason Simmons are supposedly Canadian engineers who have worked in China and the United States. The married pair lived in a long-distance relationship. Stam, on the other hand, never passed up the chance to see her sweetheart in California. She lived in a suitcase and traveled between Poland and the United States. Stam announced her pregnancy in 2017 and opted to quit the TV program Klan. Soon after, she moved to California with her husband to await the birth of their first child.

Magdalena Stam Has Lost a Child

Magdalena Stam’s kid was delivered several weeks early. Unfortunately, her newborn son died after just five days. The Polish artist was unable to appreciate parenting. In February 2018, the actress notified her followers about the unfortunate tragedy via a Facebook post. Stam-Simmons was devastated by the loss of her newborn child. She recovers from the event for many months, fully shutting down herself.

Magdalena Stam

Her husband, Jason, was at her side at the moment, making sure she had all she needed. The couple moved to other locations, made new acquaintances, and attempted to move on. In March 2019, the actress was said to have attended the premiere of the film “Ciemne, prawie noc.” The actress returns to her native country on occasion. However, it seems that she has settled in the United States and has made no preparations to continue her acting career.