Maddy Lawrence Passed Away At The Age Of 20

Maddy Lawrence

Maddy Lawrence, a 20-year-old rugby player, died on March 25. She was a winger for the University of West England, which issued a statement on Instagram, stating,

“Celebrating the life of Maddy ‘Twinkle toes’ Lawrence, who unfortunately passed away on March 25th.” Maddy embodied what it meant to be a UWE Women’s Rugby Player, eagerly ‘tackling’ each new talent. She enthusiastically represented our club both on and off the field, maturing into the sport and our rugby family.”

According to the statement, Lawrence was a bubbly girl who was enjoyable to be around, and if she smiled or laughed, the person on the other end did the same. The statement went on,

“Her unending enthusiasm has left its imprint on our club; she will always be our number 11 and our buddy.” In Maddy’s honor and memory, we shall retire the number 11 shirt. Rest in peace, our lovely daughter.”

Rochelle Clark, an England international and World Cup champion, also expressed her sympathies, saying she was saddened by the news. On Twitter, the Rugby Football Union paid homage to Lawrence and expressed their condolences to his family and friends.

The cause of death and career of Maddy Lawrence

Maddy Lawrence died as a result of injuries she acquired while competing for the UWE Bristol women’s second team versus the University of Bristol women’s second team. For the time being, no detailed information about the match or what happened to her is available. Before the game, the club labeled the match versus Bristol a huge rivalry game, stating that there was a mix of talents and that it was the first game for a few players. Lawrence is said to have been injured after a tackle.

More information on her family, work, and educational history have yet to be published. She did not have a Wikipedia page. Hence her information was unavailable. Maddy remarked, according to the head of UWE Women’s Rugby Union.

“It was a joy to coach Maddy. She was eager to learn and cherished every playing chance that came her way as a result of her hard work. This year’s team has the greatest unity and togetherness I’ve ever felt in my 20 years of coaching, and Maddy’s bright grin and friendliness represented the amazing link we share.”

As a gesture of respect, the club intends to retire the No. 11 jersey she wore. Maddy’s passing was also mourned by the country’s women’s groups.

Twitter users give their respects.

Everyone was shocked to learn about Maddy Lawrence’s death. When word of her death spread, Twitter was inundated with condolences.