“Luxe for Less” Season 1 Is Set To Be Released On HGTV Soon

Luxe for Less

Luxe for Less will include new tips and methods from luxury designer Michel Smith Boyd for achieving a rich appearance on a budget. The designer’s brilliant team, which includes Kai Williamson, Anthony Elle, and Laura Green, will be featured on the new HGTV program. They establish a dream team that helps clients realize their interior design goals without breaking the bank.

According to HGTV’s news release regarding the show:

“In the new HGTV series, Luxe For Less, luxury home designer Michel Smith Boyd, whose beautiful aesthetic adorns some of the country’s most costly houses, will offer creative budget hacks to get high-end designs for a fraction of the cost.”

It goes on:

“Michel will bring the upmarket design within reach by recycling furniture, acquiring readily repairable “scratch and dent” equipment, and applying shrewd shopping strategies. Luxe For Less will also be featured on Discovery+ on Thursdays commencing December 1.”

Luxe for Less will debut on HGTV and Discovery+ on Thursday, December 1 at 9 p.m. ET.

Everything you need to know about HGTV’s forthcoming program, Luxe for Less.

Michel Smith Boyd is due to come on the HGTV program to discuss some of his exclusive ideas on decorating a home on a budget. In each episode, Michel and his crew will meet with homeowners who want to renovate their houses but don’t want to spend a lot. Michel mentioned in a news release that he has been designing homes for celebrities for many years. His prior clientele were all wealthy individuals with a large budget. He knows, however, that the vast majority of people do not.

Luxe for Less

He continued:

“I think that everyone, regardless of budget, deserves luxury, therefore my team and I have created fantastic methods to give the jaw-dropping places that families seek.”

Michel remarked in a Luxe for Less commercial that consumers desire luxury but don’t want to pay the luxury price tag. His small-town upbringing taught him one basic truth: everyone deserves luxury. The commercial showed homeowners being stunned by the finished result, which almost brought them to tears. Luxe for Less will include the presenter, Michel Smith Boyd, and his team of geniuses, including Kai Williamson, a designer with her own business who gives a unique perspective. Anthony Elle, the creator, is a couture clothes designer with the “talent to produce something out of nothing,” and Laura Green, the certified general contractor who can accomplish projects in six weeks. The crew will work tirelessly to guarantee that homeowners get the luxury they deserve while still having money in their bank accounts.

Meet your host.

Michel Smith Boyd founded SMITHBOYD Interiors in 2006, and the one-man operation has grown into an eight-person team that specializes in luxury residential and commercial projects. However, the design was not his first job; he worked in a variety of disciplines before settling on it.

Luxe for Less

In an interview with HGTV, he stated:

“I was working in fashion, loosely defined in retail, taking acting courses, and being rejected for modeling jobs when I found myself on eBay at the Decoration and Design Building.”