“Love After Music” Is Set To Premiere On Netflix

Love After Music

With Love After Music, an Argentine series based on the life of singer Fito Paez, one of the country’s most intriguing talents, Netflix is about to add another interesting docu-series to its roster of recent releases. The eight-episode series will debut on April 26, 2023, at about 3:00 a.m. ET.

Fito Paez’s creative career is unique. Love After Music intends to follow the subtleties of this musical icon as well as look into his approach and work over the course of eight episodes. The series will also look at Paez’s relationships with other musicians and icons. Netflix has also published a trailer for Love After Music, which seems to be fairly fascinating at first sight.

Trailer for Love After Music: An Intimate Look at Art and the Artist

Love After Music, or El amor después del amo, will chronicle Fito Paez’s three-decade journey to the pinnacle of musical greatness. Paez will mature into the artist we know today throughout the course of this extended period of time. It will also see him struggle with pain, tragedy, successes, setbacks, indulgences, love relationships, and compositions, paving the path for one of Argentina’s finest ever.

Love After Music

The show’s trailer is very brief, but it provides a look into the colorful and mysterious world of Paez, complete with near-surreal moments. It also depicts some of the musician’s trip. Fito Paez produced the series, together with his brother-in-law Juan Pablo Kolodziej and Mariano Chihade, and it is named after Paez’s seventh studio album, which has received worldwide recognition. Netflix will release all eight episodes at the same time.

All About Fito Paez

Fito Paez, or Rodolfo Páez valos, is an Argentine rock and roll pianist, lyricist, singer-songwriter, and film director. In 1963, he was born in Rosario, Santa Fe Province. Because he shared his surname with his father, he was given the moniker Rodolfito, which was eventually shortened to Fito. Fito, a natural musician, established his first band when he was 13 years old. He began playing solo in clubs the next year. Fito began traveling with many bands as soon as he graduated from high school, quickly becoming a well-known personality in the business. He followed this up by creating some magnificent albums with the assistance of some of Argentina’s most notable musicians, like Daniel Wirtz and Fabián Gallardo.

His fame grew when he shifted his work into a more artistic path, examining topics such as cultural influences, poverty, and exploitation, among others. As a result, he rose to worldwide prominence.

Love After Music

The great composer previously told Billboard about his artistic journey:

“I was born in 1963, and my parents had a piano.” There was usually someone playing the piano. We had these large gatherings where my aunt played the piano and everybody sang and spoke. It’s similar to what James Joyce describes in The Dubliners. That was popular culture at the time. My mother was an excellent concert pianist, and my father was an avid music enthusiast.”

After receiving multiple prizes and honors during his career, he was ultimately honored with the Latin Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award in 2021, solidifying his legacy in the world of Latin American music. Paez is equally well-known for his non-musical work. While pursuing his musical career, he allegedly directed two films, Vidas privadas (2001) and De quién es el portaligas? (2007).