Lottie Moss Boyfriend: Is She Dating Adam Collard? Relationship & Rumors

Lottie Moss

Lottie Moss, a “Celebs Go Dating” star, recently confirmed her involvement with her co-star, Adam Collard. It’s the season’s hottest issue, thanks to Lottie’s discovery during an educational conversation with another “Celebs Go Dating” star, Chloe Burrows. She wasn’t sure Adam was her type when she first saw him, but as they say, love works in strange ways. As the narrative progressed, the duo’s relationship appeared to amaze even Lottie. Their relationship has piqued people’s curiosity and spurred debate in a variety of media venues. So, what exactly is the tale behind “Lottie celebs go dating”?

Lottie Moss Relationship

Lottie Moss didn’t hold back when it came to discussing her personal life. She revealed out about her budding relationship with Adam Collard in an intimate talk with Chloe Burrows. Her first impression of him was that he wasn’t her kind of man. But something unexpected happened between them.

Lottie Moss

Genuine Love on Celebs Go Dating

The validity of reality show partnerships is often called into doubt. When it comes to Lottie and Adam, however, one of their co-stars tells everyone that their love is “100% genuine.” Lottie and Adam seem to be in love and are said to be inseparable.

Lottie Moss’s Disclosure of Her “Sex Positive” Persona

Lottie Moss has always been open about her sexual preferences. Many people have found her candid remarks on being “sex positive” pleasant and unexpected. She embraces her identity, speaking openly about her ideas and thoughts.

Resolving Rumors

Rumors follow fame. Lottie Moss found herself addressing rumors about a possible romance with Spencer Matthews. She put these allegations to rest by emphasizing her love relationship with Adam Collard alone.

Confirmation of Relationship in the Media

Several media sites have documented and verified Lottie Moss and Adam Collard’s growing connection. Their courtship has become one of the season’s highlights of “Celebs Go Dating,” with viewers anxiously anticipating their love tale.

Lottie Moss


In conclusion, Lottie Moss and Adam Collard’s love story has piqued the interest of many. They are still blissfully together as of today, displaying a love story that began in the limelight. Fans of “Celebs Go Dating” should stay tuned for more information on this enthralling couple.