Loona’s Chuu Establish Her Own One-Man Agency Chuu Co. Ltd

Loona's Chuu

Chuu of LOONA has established her own one-man agency, Chuu Co. Ltd., and her former agency, BlockBerry Creative, has also issued a statement in response to the news. On October 28, numerous South Korean media sites claimed that the singer had founded her own label, with her mother serving as its director. They also stated that the company is equipped to handle a variety of tasks such as broadcast shows, album production, entertainment management, record production, sound production and distribution, concert planning, and publishing, editing, distributing, public relations, publications, and agency business. While the paperwork pertaining to her upcoming endeavor add to the excitement, BlockBerry Creative’s statements have generated some consternation among followers.

BlockBerry Creative is unaware that LOONA’s Chuu is launching her own agency.

LOONA’s label and agency have issued a fresh statement in response to the news. According to the company:

“We had no idea Chuu had started her own label. We’re investigating. Chuu’s departure from our agency is untrue.”

Loona's Chuu


Chuu was not permitted to move to another agency by BlockBerry Creative. They are currently investigating if she should start her own entertainment firm. The complicated scenario has also perplexed fans, who just want the 23-year-old singer to be happy. It has already been revealed that the Heart Attack singer did not attend the concert ‘2022 LOONA 1st WORLD TOUR [LOONATHEWORLD] IN SEOUL.’ According to reports, she was not informed about the group’s actions by the agency.

Meanwhile, the other 11 members of the group said that they were notified about the concert, which took place on October 15-16 at the SK Olympic Handball Stadium. Fellow member Yeojin also said that the news was made on LOONA’s group chat, which included all twelve members. “Yes, yes, yes. The news was made through the LOONA group chat, which included all twelve members, as well as the scheduling chart. So I was already aware!! I’m ecstatic!!”

Loona's Chuu

Chuu responded by sending a message to her admirers. She stated:

“There is one thing I said that appears to be spreading in an odd manner, so I’ll just say it. Just because a schedule is available does not imply I can attend all of them. For me to attend, the business must confirm and then give confirmation (notice). Even if the schedule is available, I’m not sure whether I’ll be able to attend.”

She cleared the air and said that just because the message was posted doesn’t imply she would participate. Due to “planned commitments,” the singer was also unable to participate in the North American and European legs of Loona’s global tour.