Lara Logan Got Banned From NewsMax After She Made A Bizarre Remark About The Channel

Lara Logan

South African journalist Lara Logan has been barred from appearing on NewsMax after making a series of odd remarks on the right-wing channel. On Eric Bolling’s broadcast on October 19, 2022, the 51-year-old went on a QA non-style tirade in front of The Balance host, claiming that Satan controls the US “open border.” She went on to say that while the world’s elites want to “feed on the blood of children,” she wants “us to eat cockroaches and insects.”

A day after Logan made contentious remarks on the broadcast, NewsMax published an official statement to the Daily Beast distancing themselves from the journalist:

“Newsmax strongly opposes Lara Logan’s heinous words, and her opinions do not represent those of our network.” We do not intend to interview her again.”

Lara Logan’s weird claims come after she was fired from Fox News for comparing President Obama’s Chief Medical Advisor, Dr. Anthony Fauci, to legendary Nazi doctor Josef Mengele, often known as the “angel of death.”

What did Lara Logan really say?

Logan declared to Eric Bolling that Satan was in charge of the United States’ “open border.” She stated:

“God believes in sovereignty, national identity, the sanctity of the family, and everything else that we’ve known from the beginning of time.” And he understands that the open border is Satan’s method of seizing control of the globe via all of these individuals who are his stooges and minions.”

Lara Logan

She also chastised World Economic Forum attendees for eating “on the blood of children,” adding:

“And they may believe they’re going to become gods, that’s what they tell us, [Israeli historian] Yuval Harari and the rest of them at the World Economic Forum, you know, the ones who want us to eat insects and cockroaches while they feast on the blood of children?” That’s the folks, right? They will not prevail.”

Lara also claimed to have met with a member of “the global cabal” who saw notes indicating intentions to destroy the nation by enabling illegal immigrants to enter:

“The aim was to infiltrate 100 million illegal immigrants, and they were already at 40 million at the time, and these individuals would dilute what they term the pool of patriots.” Were their exact words? And they would not be taught that America is a wonderful country, or instructed to sing the national anthem with pride, or anything else. They will be taught all of the horrible things about the United States that we are taught now and that our children are taught.”

Twitter responds to Lara Logan’s latest remarks

After NewsMax distanced itself from Lara Logan’s inflammatory statements while appearing on Eric Bolling’s program, Twitteratis highlighted the prominent journalist’s recent demise owing to her contentious words. Lara Logan started her journalism career as a senior producer with Reuters Television in Africa in 1992. In the mid-1990s, she relocated to London and worked as a stringer for CNN and subsequently for GMTV’s morning program. She subsequently won a $1 million full-time deal with CBS and spent the next 16 years establishing herself.

Lara Logan

Logan’s career began to fall apart after an erroneous interview with Dylan Davies on 60 Minutes about the 2012 US government facility assault in Libya. She began working with Fox on her own program after leaving CBS News, and she also made frequent appearances. However, her statements equating Dr. Fauci to Josef Mengele caused her to leave the network.

Twitter users were eager to bring out the journalist’s downfall after NewsMax, a station renowned for entertaining individuals with unorthodox ideas, released a forceful statement condemning her. Lara Logan has not replied to NewsMax’s remark or the outrage on Twitter as of this writing.