Linda Olsen And Samantha Fox Got Married In A Lavish Essex Wedding

Linda Olsen

Samantha Fox just married Linda Olsen, the joy of her life. On June 18, the wedding ceremony took place. Fox was seen wearing a strapless gown and silver wedge heels while holding a bouquet of pink flowers. She arrived in a white automobile with pink ribbons and a license plate that stated, “Samantha and Linda are getting married, June 18, 2022.”

Linda, on the other hand, was spotted wearing a lovely gown and carrying umbrellas as she walked down the aisle with her two boys. Bridesmaids were dressed in blush pink dresses.

Everything we know about Linda Olsen

There is presently very little information known about Linda Olsen. However, it has been verified for the time being that she is not a member of the entertainment business, as Samantha Fox is. The 46-year-old Norwegian is supposedly Fox’s tour manager. More information regarding her birth date, job, and educational background are still unknown.

Linda Olsen

Fox and Olsen have been dating since 2016 and are now refurbishing their East London home. Melody and Fanny are their two kitties. Olsen’s first son, Adam, resides with them, while her second son, Noah, is in Norway. In June 2021, the couple appeared on ITV’s Loose Women, where Fox said that Olsen proposed to her in February 2020. Fox admits to being astonished, adding that when she met Olsen, she knew she was in love with her and wanted to be with her forever. Olsen also claimed that Fox was her celebrity obsession when she was little. She bought tickets to meet Fox at a performance, and they hit it off right away. They kept in touch through social media and eventually met again at another show. This is where their love story started.

Linda Olsen

Samantha Fox’s personal life

In the late 1980s, Samantha Fox dated career criminal Peter Foster but turned down his marriage proposal. She was dating Kiss guitarist and co-lead singer Paul Stanley at the time. In 2003, Fox said that she had slept with numerous women but had never been in love until meeting Myra Stratton. She then announced in 2009 that she and Stratton will enter into a civil relationship. Stratton, on the other hand, died of cancer in 2015, when he was 60 years old. Touch Me (I Want Your Body), her first single, was released in March 1986, followed by her first studio album, Touch Me, in July of the same year. In addition to being a television presenter, she has starred in several films and reality series.