Leslie Griffith Passed Away At The Age Of 66

Leslie Griffith

Leslie Griffith, a well-known anchor, and reporter died on August 10, 2022, at the age of 66, and the reason of her death has not yet been determined. Griffith, who has been on KTVU, was diagnosed with Lyme Disease after being bitten by a tick in 2015. However, it is uncertain if the condition had a role in her death. On August 11, KTVU will broadcast a complete obituary feature during the 10 a.m. news. Details about her funeral will be released shortly.

Leslie Griffith’s death

Griffith’s family member recounted how Lyme Disease damaged her health following the tick bite. Since 2016, the anchor has been living in Mexico. Lyme disease symptoms vary depending on the stage of infection and include fever, rash, facial paralysis, and arthritis. Griffith’s cause of death is unclear at this time, however, it is conceivable that she died as a result of age-related health difficulties. There is no information available on whether she had any other health issues except Lyme Disease.


Everything about Leslie Griffith

Leslie Griffith, who was born on January 1, 1956, was a well-known writer and journalist. She began her career at the Associated Press and The Denver Post before moving on to KTVU, where she spent 25 years as a writer and news anchor. For 22 years, she worked as a general assignment reporter and anchor of KTVU’s Original Ten O’clock News in the San Francisco Bay Area. Griffith was the lone weekend news anchor for nine years, and she spent her 25th birthday in Moscow reporting the Cold War.

Leslie Griffith

Despite working under challenging conditions, she was able to acquire information and create tales. She was considered to be a breaking news expert and the only one who could supply information when major news was trending worldwide. Leslie made certain that viewers had up-to-date information on everything that was going on in the globe. Over the years, she has stressed the TB issue in circus elephants and has worked tirelessly to remove all of the elephants from the circuses. In 2005, she established the Leslie R. Griffith Woman of Courage Scholarship to assist young women.

Leslie Griffith

She left KTVU in 2006 and began writing for internet outlets such as The Huffington Post, San Francisco Chronicle, and others. Aside from her performances as an anchor on KTVU, she played the character in the 1999 film True Crime. She worked on the film When Giants Fall, which focused on the detrimental repercussions of the ivory trade, in which an elephant is slaughtered every 15 minutes for its ivory.