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Leanne Goggins

Leanne Goggins was born in 1967 in Canada and was a business owner, but she is perhaps best known as the ex-wife of actor Walton Goggins, who is known for his work in the television series “Justified,” for which he was nominated for an Emmy Award. She made headlines when she committed suicide in 2004. Know more about Leanne Goggins Bio, Wiki, Age, Height, Weight, Net Worth, Relationship, Career & Facts

Quick Facts

Full Name:Leanne Goggins
Profession:Dog Trainner
Birth Date1967
Age56 year old
Net Worth$300,000
MarriedWalton Goggins
Eye ColorBlue
Hair ColorDark Brown

Leanne Goggins Net Worth

According to sources, Leanne Goggins’s net worth was $300,000, earned through success in her various endeavors. Her wealth was also significantly increased by her husband’s success, who has an estimated net worth of $8 million.
All of her accomplishments ensured her wealth’s position until her death.

Leanne Goggins With Her Husband (Source: ImagoImages)

Leanne Goggins Childhood

She is now 54 years old as of 2021. There is little information available about Leanne’s childhood or education because there was little media coverage of her life before she met Walton. It is known that she grew up in Canada and discovered a strong passion for pets, particularly dogs, at a young age. This eventually led her to start her own dog walking business, allowing her to pursue her passion while being surrounded by the animals she adored. She took the dogs on a variety of adventures, including running, swimming, and hiking. Her wealth began to grow as a result of the opportunities she was receiving.

Walton Goggins

Walton began his acting career in 1990, landing a few minor roles before landing his first major break in “Murder in Mississippi.” He then appeared in the series “The Shield,” playing Detective Shane Vendrell, but it wasn’t until 2001 that his popularity skyrocketed. After forming his own production company, Ginny Mule Pictures, with Ray McKinnon, they created a short film called “The Accountant,” which was a huge success and earned them an Academy Award for Best Live Action Short Film. They followed it up with a slew of other projects, including the creation of the “Rectify” television series.

His next major role came when he was cast as a recurring character in the pilot episode of the series “Justified,” as he also worked on the film “Predators.” He was promoted to main cast member during the second season, and he continued to thrive in the entertainment industry, appearing in the film “Cowboys & Aliens” and receiving an Emmy Award nomination for his role in “Justified.” Among his most recent projects are the film “Django Unchained,” the television series “Sons of Anarchy,” and the Western film “The Hateful Eight,” directed by Quentin Tarantino.

Leanne Goggins Marriage

According to reports, Leanne met Walton in 2000 and began dating soon after. A year into their relationship, the couple decided to marry, with the ceremony taking place after Walton had finished filming for the film “Shanghai Noon,” in which he co-starred with Jackie Chan and Owen Wilson. They were married for three years before things began to fall apart. According to sources, she was becoming dissatisfied with the relationship as a result of her husband’s hectic schedule, and she disliked living in Los Angeles.

Leanne Goggins Death

She desired to return to her native Canada, and she was the one who filed for divorce, bringing their marriage to an end.
Before their divorce, the couple was frequently seen together at various events and functions. However, following the divorce, they ceased all communication, and all of their photos were removed from their respective online accounts. It was later revealed that Leanne had died after jumping from the 17th floor of the building she was in and dying due to her injuries. She appeared to have suffered from chronic depression. as a result of which she committed the act.


  1. Her lucky number was 7.
  2. She committed suicide by jumping.
  3. She liked pizza.