Kitty O Neil Family: Is She Related To Shaquille O’Neal? Wiki And Husband

Kitty O Neil

Is Shaq related to Kitty O Neil? Discover Kitty O’Neal’s connection with retired basketball star Shaquille O’Neal. Kitty O Neil was a stuntwoman, racer, and daredevil from the United States who rose to recognition for her record-breaking achievements and employment in Hollywood.

In high school, she was a competitive diver and gymnast who grew interested in racing and stunt work. She was a motivational speaker and spokeswoman for organizations that helped persons with disabilities. She died on November 2, 2018, at the age of 71. Shaquille O’Neal, popularly known as Shaq, is a former professional basketball player and current sports commentator from the United States. People are intrigued about their connection after discovering they have the same surname.

Is Shaq related to Kitty O Neil?

Kitty O’Neil and Shaquille O’Neal have no known connection. Despite the fact that their surnames are same similar, they are unrelated. They come from disparate origins and have chosen disparate occupations. Shaquille was a former professional basketball player and sports pundit, while Kitty was a stuntwoman and daredevil. They had no connections since they worked in various sectors and came from different families. Both are well-known figures; they may know one another but are not related. People are often perplexed by having the same surname, however, it is common for people with the same surname to live in the same nation.

Shaquille O’Neal

Meet Kitty’s Husband and Family

According to reports, Kitty was married at the time of her death. O’Neil was married to Duffy Hambleton, who was a stunt rider and film executive. The pair kept their connection extremely quiet; Kitty never disclosed any details about her children with Duffy. As a result, we cannot establish if she had children before her death. Despite their marriage, O’Neil maintained her privacy and concentrated on her professional accomplishments as a stuntwoman and daredevil.

Duffy Hambleton is a former stuntman and film executive from Hollywood. Duffy is well-known in the film business for his expertise in stunts and special effects. Hambleton worked on films such as “The Towering Inferno,” “Bullitt,” and “The Blues Brothers.” He has worked as a stunt coordinator and second unit director on films such as “Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom,” “The Untouchables,” and “Die Hard.” According to a recent update, Hambleton has resigned from the film business and is leading a private life. Kitty was born to Patsy Linn Compton, who was of Cherokee Native American background, and her father, John R. O’Neil, who was of Irish lineage.

Kitty O Neil

Kitty was born on March 24, 1946, in Nueces, Texas, USA, to parents who married in 1940 in Wharton, Texas, USA. She died on November 2, 2018, at the age of 72. Her death was caused by pneumonia, which she had been suffering for many months, according to reports. Many in the entertainment business and racing lamented her death since she had been a pioneer for women in stunt work and had accomplished many astounding accomplishments throughout her career.