Kit Harington Discuss About His Son Distinctive Trait

Kit Harington

Kit Harington and his wife, Rose Leslie, are one of Hollywood’s most secretive couples. They do not use social media and seldom discuss their personal lives. Rose, on the other hand, disclosed in September 2020 that she and Harington were expecting a child.

A few months later, on Valentine’s Day, a source told People that the couple had given birth to their baby boy. The couple did not announce the birth, but they verified it on February 16 when they went out with their child in London. The couple’s agent informed the newspaper that they were overjoyed. However, the couple has never announced the name of their kid or permitted him to be photographed. Having said that, the Game of Thrones star has revealed some unusual details about his life as a first-time parent. During an interview with The Guardian, Harington spoke up about a feature passed down from his father that has left him “terrified.”

Kit Harington Discusses His Son and His Distinctive Trait

He suggested his youngster may have acquired his love of limelight and adulation when speaking to the site. The actor claimed that as an actor, he was a “show-off” who craved attention, which drove his alcoholism. When the final season of Game of Thrones aired in 2019, Harington booked himself into rehab to seek treatment for his addiction. He said that he stepped on stage and was cheered, which caused an adrenaline surge and a high, but the issue was that he didn’t want to come down from it.

Kit Harington

Unfortunately, the actor believes his kid may be similar to him.

“You know, I’ve observed that my small kid enjoys receiving applause. He’s the son of two actors, so he’ll do it, right? But he expects plaudits for everything he does. It’s terrifying both for me and Rose. It’s something to do with it. “I thought I was a braggart, but he’s the same,” Harington said. The actor has been clean for over three years and is grateful that he began his rehabilitation prior to delivering his kid.

Kit Harington Discusses Parenthood

According to her, Harington is a lot more grounded these days and is focused on raising his kid. During an interview with Zuri Hall of Access Hollywood, he discussed motherhood. He said that after hearing all sorts of things about parenting, he was nonetheless startled by certain elements of it. “They both tell you and don’t tell you. ‘Look, it’s huge, what you’re going to go through is big,’ everyone says. You have no way of knowing until it occurs. “Then you realize, ‘Oh, this goes on forever,'” the actor remarked of parenting a kid.

Kit Harington

He went on to say that being a father was a lifetime commitment that never ended. Every day, the actor said, he would get up and care about the young person, knowing they were part of a team. It had previously been just him and his wife, but now there were three of them, which took some getting used to. Regardless, he thought it lovely to see his child evolve and grow every day.