Kim Min Kyu Opens Up About Training With K-Pop Group SEVENTEEN

Kim Min Kyu

In an interview with MBC’s Radio Star, Business Proposal actor Kim Min-kyu confessed that he used to train with the famed K-pop idol group SEVENTEEN. He was apparently practicing to someday become a part of some group, but he discovered he isn’t very good at singing or dancing. He learned him like acting.

The actor has been in a number of series, most notably So I Married an Anti-fan and Snowdrop. Fans of the actor continue to drool over him on social media, and this new revelation has them even more thrilled. Kim Min-success kyu’s has led to his participation in various media promotion programs, including Radio Star. In this interview, the actor discussed his history with SEVENTEEN and how he nearly became a K-pop star.

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Kim Min-kyu admits to being a lousy dancer.

The Business Proposal actor told about his experience training as an idol:

“I trained to be a vocalist for a short time.” becoming a member of an organization.”

When the hosts and other guests inquired whose organization he’d trained to join, he answered modestly:

“I’m not sure whether I would have necessarily been in that group, although there are others with whom I trained.” They number SEVENTEEN. I’d barely been a trainee for a month.”

Kim Min Kyu

The actor also revealed that he had always been interested in acting, but he was conscious of his limitations in singing and dancing. He said,

“I wasn’t really talented at singing to the point of becoming a vocalist, and I’m terrible at dancing.” I also have an unquenchable hunger for performing.”

Fans of reality programs like I Can See Your Voice will not be surprised to learn that this actor studied with K-pop celebrities. He had auditioned for this reality program to perform among amateur and professional singers.

Kim Min-kyu Other works

Prior to Business Proposal, one of actors Kim Min-works kyu had been Nonetheless, the program’s primary actors, Song Kang and Han So-hee were immensely famous for their performances in this drama. Kim Min-kyu makes a brief appearance in this episode. In So I Married an Anti-fan, he also appears as Sooyoung’s coworker.

Kim Min Kyu

He also portrayed Kang Ji-Wook, the second male protagonist in Backstreet Rookie, which starred Ji Chang-Wook and Kim You-Jung. The actor’s next film will be Pontifex Lembrary. The program will be based on a webcomic and will launch in the first half of 2023. Other members of the show’s cast are yet to be disclosed.