Kelly Mi Li Allegedly Filed A Lawsuit Against The Show’s Producer Jeff Jenkins

Kelly Mi Li

Kelly Mi Li is the star of Bling Empire. She allegedly sued the show’s producer Jeff Jenkins, accusing him of failing to give her credit for the show’s premise. According to People, Li filed a case in Los Angeles Superior Court on Thursday, April 28, alleging that she came up with the concept for Bling Empire. According to her complaint, Li revealed the program’s premise in 2018 and collaborated with Jenkins for months to develop the Netflix show.

Li sought in the lawsuit that he be designated executive producer of Bling Empire. Jenkins’ Jeff Jenkins Productions and Bongo, LLC were accused of “exploiting Plaintiff Li’s idea and contents and entering into agreements generating responsibilities,” according to the lawsuit.

Kelly Mi Li’s complaint

Jeff Jenkins is well-known for his work on successful television series such as Keeping Up with the Kardashians and Total Divas. Li, on the other hand, is a wealthy Chinese-American businessman and film producer with a net worth of $5 million. Interface, Cypher, and The Last Party are among her film credits. She has filed a lawsuit against Bling Empire producer Jeff Jenkins for failing to name her as the show’s executive producer. She said that she was the one who came up with the concept for the Netflix program.

Kelly Mi Li

Li’s assertions in court records include the following:

1) Li is entitled to 25% episodic fees, a full executive producer compensation for each episode she created, and a 5% yearly raise.

According to the document:

“In addition, Plaintiff Li was to earn contingent remuneration equal to 20% of the Modified Adjusted Gross received and retained from Jenkins for the Project or any derivative work.”

It went on:

“However, Defendants and each of them have failed to respect the commitments and duties due to Plainitiff and are thus in violation.”



2) Jenkins and Li, according to sources, inked a one-year contract in May 2018. However, if the KUWTK producer had brought in a buyer before their deal expired, the deadline would have been extended. Despite the fact that Jenkins had communicated with Netflix over Bling Empire, Li’s complaint alleged that “the defendants failed and refused to execute the obligations under their agreement.”

Only time will tell whether Li receives her fair share of compensation and credit for the Netflix program.

Season 2 of Bling Empire will air on May 13th.

Following the popularity of the first season, Netflix is ready to release a whole new season of the reality TV program. It will be available on the OTT platform on May 13. The first episode of the series aired on January 15, last year. According to the official synopsis:

“Wildly rich Asian and Asian American fun-seekers go all out in Los Angeles with parties, glamour, and drama.”

Kelly Mi Li

Kevin Kreider, Christine Chiu, Kane Lim, Kim Lee, and Gabriel Chiu are the remaining billionaire cast members of the program, in addition to Kelly Mi Li. Season 2 will focus on the everyday dramas of wealthy individuals and their lifestyles in Los Angeles.