Kellen Mond- Everything You Need To Know About Him

Kellen Mond

Kellen Mond is grateful to his father for encouraging him in his professional decision and pushing him every day to achieve his objective. Mond is currently a member of the Minnesota Vikings, and he attributes his success to his parents. The quarterback cites his father as an influence and claims that his success is due to his parents’ morals.

Kellen Mond: Who Is He?

Mond is an NFL quarterback for the Minnesota Vikings. He began his football career at Texas A&M and was a four-year starter for the Aggies. In an interview, Mond said that the Aggies helped him broaden his views and mature as a quarterback. He was chosen by Vikings Legend and Pro John Randle, who attended Texas A&M-Kingsville as a college player.

Kellen Mond and His Family

Mond was highly influenced to play football by his father. He said his father told him tales of Mond learning to play football at the age of two. The quarterback had always told his mother that he aspired to play in the NFL. His mother supported his actions and wanted the best for him. Kevin, Mond’s father, served in the United States Army. His father assisted him in maintaining discipline and teaching him to pay attention to detail. The quarterback was motivated by his father, and he acknowledged his father’s military career for teaching him to lead by example. In an interview with Heavy, he said that military rules helped define his quarterback career by training him to be responsible, take responsibility for his identity, and keep control. Mond enrolled at A&M in 2017 after training physically and psychologically to be the leader he desired to be.

Kellen Mond
Kellen Mond

His father encouraged and supported his son’s work from the start. When he started preparing at Texas A&M, the quarterback destroyed the blinds in his home. His father had said that the blinds would not be removed until Mond graduated or made it to the NFL. Mond talks highly of his family and never misses an opportunity to express his gratitude to them. He praised his parents for instilling qualities in him that helped him flourish in the NFL. Following his selection, the quarterback shared a photo on Instagram with the message, “Nobody knew my past,” and said that he was overjoyed to have realized his ambition of playing in the NFL.

Kellen Mond and His Girlfriend

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On Instagram, Mond and his girlfriend, Kiana LaShun, hug. They often share photos of themselves together. His girlfriend also posted a picture of them with the words “my better half.” She shared a series of photos, one of which was a screenshot. LaShun sent a message from Mond to her, in which he expressed how much he would miss her and how hard he would work for their future. Similarly, Mond posted a photo of his girlfriend and wished her a happy birthday.