KBS Broadcaster Banned BTS’s New Song For Using Slang And Crude Language


BTS has encountered a little setback ahead of the release of Proof, their impending anniversary anthology album. On June 8, broadcaster KBS criticized the group’s upcoming songs Run BTS, Born Singer, and For Youth off their new anniversary album Proof for employing slang and vulgar language. However, KBS has considered the septet’s new comeback single, Yet to Come, suitable for airing. Unfit songs will not be played on the station, and the group will not be allowed to perform them on the station’s music programs.

BTS’ new tracks from their forthcoming album Proof will not be played on KBS’ music shows.

Following a comprehensive evaluation by the board, three songs from BTS’ special anniversary album Proof have been found unacceptable for transmission, according to an update on KBS’ official website. Bangtan’s Race KBS has judged BTS, the first single on CD 2 of their forthcoming anthology album Proof, inappropriate for transmission.

According to KBS, the song includes obscene lyrics and slang, making it unsuitable for broadcast. Run The main single from their fourth EP, The Most Beautiful Moment in Life, Pt. 2, was BTS. Born Singer, the opening track on Proof’s CD 1, has likewise been declared inappropriate for transmission for identical reasons by KBS. The septet first published the song as a free internet download in July 2013.


Finally, for unusual circumstances, the board has postponed their scheduled tune For Youth, the 14th track on CD 3. The words of the music playing in the background inside the performance venue, which was included in the first 30 seconds of the introduction, were not included in the official lyrics of the tune. There is, however, some relief for ARMYs. Yet to Come, their new title tune, has been approved by the board and will be broadcast on the station for fans to enjoy.

Despite the restriction, ARMYs are pleased to listen to this fresh new music. KBS may have banned these tracks for containing profanities and coarse language, but ARMYs are excited to listen to these forbidden tracks. Netizens said that this reminds them of the old Bangtan days and that they haven’t heard the members utilize strong language in their songs in a long time.

Check out the following ARMY reactions:

BTS members make a lot of money this year only from their performances.

Bangtan will not be stopped. According to reports, the septet grossed more than $94.6 billion from their Permission to Dance On Stage concert series. According to Billboard, 458,000 ARMYs worldwide watched Bangtan’s 11 performances. Bangtan is placed fourth on Billboard’s “Mid-Year Box Score,” after Bad Bunny (37 performances), Elton John (40 performances), and Genesis (35 performances).


It is impressive, given that the septet only performed 11 times, while the other musicians on the list performed 35 to 40 times. It’s also noteworthy that Bangtan members are one of only two non-English-speaking musicians to make the top five, along with Bad Bunny. The brilliant seven-piece ensemble performed their Permission To Dance On Stage concert series three times in Seoul, four times in Las Vegas, and once in Los Angeles (3 times).