Kaysar Ridha’s Wife Didn’t Like Him Being Trashed In ‘Big Brother.’

Kaysar Ridha

Kaysar Ridha was invited to Big Brother 22: All-Stars (BB22) after impressing viewers on Big Brother 6 (BB6) and Big Brother 7 (BB7) (BB7). The fan-favorite contestant was frequently praised for his intelligence and good looks by both viewers and alum.

He was also respected for never exploiting those facts and for adhering to his value of keeping his personal life private. Ridha found love after competing in BB6 and BB7 and has been married to Haseena Qudrat-Ridha for several years.

Ridha agreed to join the BB22 team because he enjoys playing the game. As a married man, Ridha stayed within the parameters of his marriage and avoided excessive flirtation and romance with other houseguests. However, he rekindled his lifelong friendship with Janelle Pierzina, a fellow BB6, and BB7 contestant. And while criticism is a part of the show, Haseena struggled when her husband was the target.

Ridha’s Wife Had Difficulties Witnessing His Execution

It was never easy for Big Brother cast members’ families to watch the live feeds, especially when they received criticism from fans and other houseguests. Haseena, too, found it challenging to manage her husband being slandered during the Big Brother 22: All-Stars live feeds and episodes.

When HOH Tyler put Ridha and his good friend Janelle on the BB22 nomination list, it prompted some other contestants to vilify Ridha and plot his elimination from the competition. Haseena was not one to sit back and defend them on Twitter.

Kaysar Ridha
Kaysar Ridha

She retweeted posts regarding Ridha and Janelle’s friendship and scolded participants for personal attacks. A fan sympathized with Haseena, saying it was hard to witness her boyfriend humiliated on TV.

Haseena said it was difficult, but she kept up with practically everything stated about Ridha and thanked his fans.

Despite the nature of the show, it appears Haseena is doing her best to manage the negativity.

After Big Brother, Ridha’s Life

Unfortunately, Ridha was evicted from Big Brother: All-Stars 2020. Ridha is still Vice President of Evolus and Desk Health. Thus, he returned to work.

As a Muslim man on a reality show, he helped start much-needed conversations and continued them. He now has a YouTube channel where he shares his own stories and experiences, interacts with fans, and interviews guests.

He’s also on Instagram, where he hosts IG Lives to interact with fans and share more about his life. And now that he is a well-known TV personality, he receives numerous marketing sponsorships for his social media pages.