Katrina Jackson Is Now Making Her Return To VH1’s Black Ink Crew

Katrina Jackson

Katrina Jackson, famous as Kat Tat, was the first black female tattoo shop owner in Beverly Hills and is currently back on VH1’s Black Ink Crew. This season of Black Ink Crew: Compton will include Katrina for the first time in four years, as she became the first BIPOC entrepreneur to run the tattoo shop. Jackson was a prominent cast member of Black Ink Crew: Chicago for the first three seasons, which catapulted her artist career to a worldwide level overnight. Katrina had an intense argument with Ryan regarding their Lake House connection, and the former decided to never appear on the program again. Katrina moved from Chicago to become the proud owner of Enigma Tattoos and Enigma Art Gallery in Beverly Hills.

Who exactly is Katrina Jackson?

Katrina Jackson originally appeared on Black Ink Crew: Chicago and quickly became a fan favorite among the show’s fans, who viewed her as one of the franchise’s top artists. Katrina has captivated the hearts of many viewers over the years with her realism and portrait-style tattoos. She went to Beverly Hills and launched her own company after she conflicted with Ryan and decided to quit the program for good. She currently has her tattoo parlor in Beverly Hills. In an interview with Black Enterprise, she spoke candidly about her choice to launch her own company, saying:

“Being on TV and able to demonstrate my abilities was a once-in-a-lifetime chance, and I refused to let it pass me by with nothing to show for it! I had always wanted to live in Los Angeles, and I spent two years there before starting my tattoo business. I selected Beverly Hills because I wanted it to scream expensive, luxurious living. And when I discovered the place, everything simply seemed perfect.”

Katrina Jackson

Katrina Jackson also said that her mother, an artist, gave her the talent for her work. She discovered her enthusiasm for tattooing during her final year of high school. She pursued it as a career possibility in college by obtaining a tattoo kit and experimenting on her dorm room pals. Katrina Jackson joined 9mag, a shop comprised of some of Chicago’s greatest urban tattoo artists, in September 2013, after graduating from college. A production firm contacted the artists about creating an offshoot of the original Black Ink Crew. The corporation videotaped the team over the weekend, and the rest is history.

Katrina Jackson

On March 4, 2021, Katrina Jackson confirmed her pregnancy to her followers through Instagram. Katrina returned to Instagram in June 2021 to post photos of her infant child, Jackson Frederick Collins. Her first kid was born with her partner, Detroit Lions athlete Jamie Collins. VH1 has officially confirmed the return of the popular franchise Black Ink Crew, with back-to-back season debuts of Black Ink Crew: New York and Black Ink Crew: Compton on the same night, Monday, February 21, 2022, at 8:00 p.m. ET.

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