Katie McCabe Husband: Is She Married? Family And Career Highlights

Katie McCabe

Is Katie McCabe married? No, there is no solution to this pressing question. Katie McCabe, a brilliant Irish footballer who plays for Arsenal and the Republic of Ireland national team, get married in July 2023. Despite dating Scottish player Ruesha Littlejohn since 2017, the pair announced their divorce in May 2023. Many people were drawn to Katie McCabe and Ruesha Littlejohn’s romance, which sadly terminated. Katie’s admirers and following are now inquisitive about her relationship status as well as her future in both her personal and professional lives.

Who is Katie McCabe?

Katie McCabe is originally from Ireland. She has a great football background. Her career has seen her play crucial roles in important matches. This involves representing Ireland in a match versus Nigeria.

Katie McCabe’s Private Life

Katie McCabe’s romance with Ruesha Littlejohn was well publicized. They had been together for a while. LGBT people have been welcomed in women’s football. This encouragement has been beneficial to the sport.

Katie McCabe

Katie McCabe’s Parents and Children

Katie’s family is quite well-known. Her sister is likewise notable. Her siblings are involved in sports to some extent. They have been addressed in detail at times.

Katie McCabe Professional Football Career

Katie began her career in the Irish Women’s National League. She has competed against teams like as Canada and Australia. Her contribution to the FIFA Women’s World Cup has been outstanding. Her professional accomplishments are noteworthy.

Notable Teammates and Players

She has worked with players such as Louise Quinn, Asisat Oshoala, and Uchenna Kanu. They are important in football. Their responsibilities in the football community are diverse. Many people have recognized their contributions.

Katie McCabe’s Earnings and Salary

Her earnings as a professional football player are substantial. Brand agreements might be a source of revenue for her. Her earnings and sponsorships help to support her lifestyle. Her earnings are often discussed.

Katie McCabe

Prospects for the Future

Katie’s football career seems to be bright. She has upcoming events and competitions. Her personal life may have an impact on her work life. Her professional advancement is the subject of persistent speculation.


Katie McCabe’s story is motivational. Her football accomplishments are outstanding. Katie marital status and its larger context have gotten a lot of attention. Her and women’s football have a bright future.