Kangnam Revealed His Intention To Take The Exam To Become A Naturalized South Korean Citizen


Yasuo Namekawa, as Kangnam, a Korean-Japanese singer, has some exciting news for his fans. The idol just passed the citizenship exam and is now a citizen of Korea. The idol was born in Japan to a Japanese mother and a Korean father. Kangnam rose to prominence as a famous face on Korean variety programs after making his debut in 2011 with the now-defunct group M.I.B. In 2019, he married retired speed skater Lee Sang Hwa, after which the singer revealed his intention to take the exam to become a naturalized South Korean citizen. The superstar did a YouTube Live on February 26 to share the exam findings. On February 25, the last interview for the process took hold.

Kangnam passed the naturalization exam on his second try.

The famous musician began the Live show by stating that he had yet to see the results and would unveil them live. He said,

“I completed my last naturalization interview exam yesterday.” I received the result this morning through KakaoTalk, but I didn’t look at it and instead emailed it to the staff. I still don’t know what happened.”


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The artist initially told fans what the citizenship process is like, particularly during COVID-19.

“I couldn’t hear the interviewer very well since we were wearing masks and there was glass between us due to COVID-19.” When they inquired what was keeping the flooring warm, I told them it was a boiler, and they busted out laughing. Then they inquired about the traditional name, which I said was ondol. The interview was held in a pleasant mood. I was apprehensive during the anthem, so I raced through it… Despite the fact that I am a vocalist.”


Kangnam talked up about all the things he would be able to accomplish if he passed the test before presenting the findings.

“I can change my name, acquire insurance, and receive a resident registration card at the dong [neighborhood] office.” My name is one of many possibilities. I may simply keep it as ‘Kang Nam,’ or I might take my mother’s last name and go with ‘Kwon Kang Nam,’ or I might take my wife’s last name and go with ‘Lee Kang Nam,’ or I might entirely modify the name ‘Kangnam.'”

The artist ultimately announced the findings, with the anticipation at an all-time high. Kangnam expressed his gratitude to everyone and phoned his wife and in-laws to inform them of his death.

“Thank you very much, everyone. Kangnam has finally been naturalized after three years. “It’s as though my blood is flowing to the ground.”


Kangnam’s production crew, who were previously informed of the results, subsequently aired a congratulations video including footage of the idol’s family and friends from back home, including his mother. His mother congratulated him and said,

“You passed the naturalization test. You’ve worked hard, and I heartily congratulate you on becoming a Korean citizen. In Korea, live happily ever after. You did a good job.”

The star tried the test last year in October as well but failed at the first level. This time, though, the singer applied again with more preparation and acquitted herself.