JYP Entertainment Has Announced Jinni’s Resignation From The Firm And The Group

NMIXX's Jinni

JYP Entertainment issued a formal statement on December 9 saying that NMIXX’s Jinni, who debuted earlier this year, has canceled her contract with the firm. The K-pop star will leave both the group and the organization, leaving NMIXX as a six-member group. Jinni was a trainee with JYP Entertainment for nearly six years before making her debut through NMIXX on February 22, 2022. The seven members of the group gained a lot of attention from the start for their catchy singles like O.O, DICE, and so on. With a recent Christmas release, Funky Christmas, on November 23, fans were shocked by Jinni’s abrupt departure.

NMIXX Jinni’s exit from JYP sends fans on an emotional roller coaster.

While some fans are concerned by Jinni’s abrupt departure, prompting them to investigate the reasons for her choice, others are pleased with the K-pop idol’s audacity. Jinni of NMIXX revealed the mountain of difficulties she endured on her journey after her debut. Many K-pop stars train away from family and loved ones for a long time in order to ultimately reach the debut stage and launch their careers as musicians, and NMIXX’s Jinni was no exception.

Jinni demonstrated an excellent range of talents in the 10 months after her debut after years of being a trainee with fellow NMIXX member, Lily. The trio earned a lot of affection from their fans, propelling them to the top of the nomination list and ultimately winning the ‘Favorite New Artist award at MAMA 2022.

NMIXX's Jinni

NSWERs were saddened by the news, but many were also distrustful of it. Through a Bubble post a few weeks ago, NMIXX’s Jinni conveyed her appreciation to her fans for the support the group got with their debut. She also expressed her excitement for the upcoming return and said that she was looking forward to working more for the same. The announcement of her resignation did not appear to match with Jinni’s previous happenings in NMIXX, which alarmed supporters even more about the true reason she would be leaving the organization. It was performing very well for a rookie K-pop female trio, and the abrupt departure startled fans. This has only been exacerbated by the disbandments and exits of numerous K-pop stars this year.

NMIXX's Jinni

In 2022, several groups, including LUNARSOLAR and MAMADOL, as well as eighteen other K-pop female groups, dissolved. Fans were curious about the whys and hows of these unique figures. Despite the tragic news of Jinni’s leaving, fans are both delighted and pleased with her decision. NSWERs are interested to witness how the K-pop star’s career as an idol progresses, and NMIXX will continue as a six-member group in their forthcoming comebacks.