Jung Hae-in Will Be Cast As One Of The Lead Characters In The Upcoming Drama “Connect”

Jung Hae-in

The official posters and teaser for Disney+’s forthcoming mystery thriller K-drama Connect have been released. The program, which stars Snowdrop’s Jung Hae-in as the main protagonist and Private Lives’ Go Kyung-pyo as the main villain, is sure to wow audiences with its horrific tale. The teaser teases the next violent pursuit between Go Kyun-pyo, who turns into a serial killer, and Jung Hae-in, a race distinct from Homo Sapiens. Kim Hye-joo, the female protagonist, may also be seen in action at Jung Hae-side. in’s

The forthcoming show is a Disney+ original series based on the same-named webtoon. It tells the story of a new race with an eternal body known as “Connect.” Dong Soo, one such person, gets kidnapped by organ harvesters and loses one of his eyes as a consequence. A few months later, he discovers that the eye he had lost had been transplanted into a serial killer who had grown uncontrolled, causing much controversy in Korea. Dong Soo swears to remedy the wrongs caused by his abuse of power as he starts to seek the serial murderer.

Jung Hae-in

Takashi Miike will direct Connect.

Takashi Miike, a famous director with a worldwide fan base, will direct Connect. This will be his first Korean-language production. The anticipation for a compelling mystery with Miike’s signature mise-en-scene is great. Jung Hae-in carries Dong Soo from the Connect to the screen. While on the trail of a serial killer, the character finds embroiled in an unexpected circumstance and starts to exhibit a broad variety of emotions.

Jung Hae-in, the program’s protagonist, is slated to demonstrate a part of himself that he has never shown before in a spectacular change. Go Kyung-Pyo, who has surprised audiences with his dramatic flexibility, will play Jin Seop, a serial murderer who unintentionally gets Dong Soo’s eye. The character, like Janus, has two faces. On the surface, he seems to be a perfect and excellent employee, but he also has a side that no one could have predicted, adding suspense to the drama.

Jung Hae-in


In the promotional poster, Jung’s Hae-character, in’s Dong Soo, looks straight at the audience. He and the famed serial killer Jin Seop will meet face to face, and the billboard depicts this inevitable encounter as Jin Seop overlaps Dong Soo.

The poster also features Lee Rang (played by Kim Hye-Joon), Dong Soo’s aide who understands his secrets and the abilities that come with them. Connect is set to debut on Disney+ on December 7, 2022.