Julian Broadus- All About The Son Of Snoop Dogg

Julian Broadus

Julian Broadus is the son of Snoop Dogg’s father, artist Calvin Cordozar Broadus Jr. He was previously unknown to the public; however, in 2008, it was revealed that he was a famous son. He was originally from the United States. Julian is of American nationality and Black-American ancestry.

Julian’s parents inspired him to pursue a career in music

His father’s notoriety has also drawn attention to his life, as his social media following has dramatically expanded. We presume that Julian received many traits from his rapper father, such as his height and love of music. He participated in two extracurricular activities while attending Diamond Bar High School: music and basketball. In an interview, Julian said that he found basketball games to be both distinctive and tough. Nonetheless, a hand injury forced him to retire from basketball and concentrate on music.

The young musician disclosed that he had begun working on his music career and asked that fans not compare him to his famed father or believe that his father’s strength had built his career. Finally, Julian selected R&B and pop as his music genres.


Julian has three half-siblings on his father’s side in total. Corde Broadus is the name of his elder half-brother. He also works as a rapper professionally. His second half-name brother’s is Cordell Broadus, and he is a filmmaker and model. Cordell is married, and his wife, Phia Broadus, is a business owner. Finally, his half-sister, Cori Broadus, is a prominent R&B singer who also runs a CHOC factory. Cori struggled with mental stress and sadness for many years.

Julian Broadus

Are Snoop and Martha Stewart dating?

Snoop and Martha are the unusual couples who have now captured the attention of crowds whenever they go out. The two people had known one other for over a decade. They are not dating, but they have been excellent friends and business colleagues for a long time.

The two initially met on the set of “The Martha Stewart Show” in 2008. They are often seen on-screen complimenting one another and their relationship. The individuals’ strange chemistry, age difference, nature, and varied lifestyles as portrayed on television have made their followers and viewers swoon.

Snoop Change His Name To Snoop Lion

One of the most intriguing facts about the musician is that after visiting Jamaica in 2012, Snoop claimed to have been resurrected and transformed into a Rastafarian. Finally, he renamed himself, Snoop Lion. Not only that, but he also held a news conference in which he said that he is bored of rap music. He went on to say that he was tired of doing gangster rap and that he now wants to make songs for his children and grandparents to listen to. Nonetheless, Snoop’s phase lasted just a short time before reverting to his Snoop Dogg persona.

All about Julian

Julian is now developing his cannabis lifestyle company while simultaneously practicing to play professionally in the NBA, G-League, or internationally. He adds that whichever chance comes first and whatever is best for him and the circumstance he is in, once the time comes, he will choose the correct way and build on what his grandparents and father have done. He claims that he grew up knowing nothing about music and just listening to his father’s music. He never tried, but it simply happened, and he began making music. He purchased a computer and designed his own sound after obtaining the files for waves plugins and pro tools on his own. Nobody offered assistance.

Julian Broadus

He claims that someone of that height, such as a son or daughter, already has a lot of expectations and is seen extremely differently. The most important thing he learned was to take one step at a time. When his father stopped providing for him financially, he was forced to do everything himself, and the one constant in his life was music. When he gets stressed, he does three things. The first is basketball, the second is marijuana use, and the third is music creation.

He began everything early: he began school early, graduated early, and began consuming marijuana early. He began using marijuana when he was just 12 years old. People used to mock him because he used marijuana and believed he was unique, but he wasn’t, he claims. He is socially awkward at times because he is uncomfortable in certain settings, and he is learning to work outside of his comfort zone as a guy growing up because he does not want his future wife and children to feel discredited or uncomfortable because of what he is doing, he said.

Julian Broadus Talks About Love

He enjoys having a girlfriend, but he is not in a hurry. He had a girlfriend who cheated on him. He claims to have been harmed, but he also claims to have learned a lesson and grown as a result of it. He wouldn’t want someone to approach him every time he approaches someone he likes.

Julian Broadus

He is always courteous and has learned the hard way that you cannot force someone to love you. He says he will always adore his father and appreciates all he has done and how hard he has worked. He says he strives to push himself every day because he watches him do so, but he does not aim to be like him.

Net Worth

Because Julian’s net worth is unknown, we shall depend on his father’s income, which totals $150 million as of February 2024.