Julia Fox Spoke About The TikTok Criticism And Denies Getting Botox

Julia Fox, star of Uncut Gems, reacted on social media when a TikToker chastised her for her “poor botox job,” despite the fact that she had not had any cosmetic operations. The TikTok video with many stitches went viral when Fox responded to one of her critics by declaring they needed to “stop the cycle” of disrespecting women.

Julia Fox criticizes a lady who claims she “needs botox.”

Fox had first used the app to discuss child support. “You know what irritates the sh*t out of me?” she asks at the opening of the video. Her harmless video was a tirade on how child assistance should compensate for your squandered time. Another lady stitched this video, and she began it in a similar tone, asking,

“What irritates the hell out of me? Your botox isn’t working. It’s impossible to overlook.”

Julia Fox

She then pointed to Fox’s face around her brow, stating her muscles were still tugging at her brows and generating wrinkles. She went on to say that the actor needed “a little more botox.” Julia Fox stitched the video once more and smacked the individual with a two-point response. She overlaid a sentence that originally declared that her face was botox-free. She went on to state that the individual was highly focused on the bad and as a consequence lash out at women. She stated:

“I don’t have botox, but you obviously have unresolved trauma and refuse to address it, which causes you to a) concentrate on the bad in every scenario and b) lash out at women who aren’t afflicted by sorrow like you.”

“You need a little bit more treatment,” she said, imitating the woman’s speech. “Break the cycle, sweetie,” she said at the conclusion of her stunning slam.

Fox has never had any cosmetic treatments performed on her.

Uncut Gems was the film that first placed Julia Fox on the map. Fox was born in Milan and came to New York when she was six years old, where she gained to stardom following the Adam Sandler film, but more for her unquestionably amazing looks. After fans saw a photo of her with Kanye West and Madonna, many believed that she had had BBL surgery.

Julia Fox

Julia Fox has previously been open about her personal life, even confessing to an overdose incident as a kid and a skin ailment (rosacea). The actress has only claimed to have had fake eyelashes applied to her face.

She told a magazine that she can’t live without her top eyelashes, as well as other popular skincare and beauty items. Photographs of her from her early twenties were contrasted with her current images, and supporters said that her attractiveness is natural.