JuJu Watkins Boyfriend: Is She Dating Anyone? Explore Basketball Star Relationship

JuJu Watkins

JuJu Watkins a college basketball standout, has made news for her exceptional skill, prompting speculation about whether she has a partner or is presently dating. The great basketball prospect from Los Angeles is enjoying a successful rookie season with the USC Trojans. JuJu Watkins, a name associated with basketball ability and tremendous talent, has been making an impact on the floor.

Watkins began her basketball career at age seven and soon ascended through the ranks, achieving praise at Sierra Canyon School. Watkins, one of the most sought-after prospects, chose to pledge to the University of Southern California (USC). The number one player in the 2023 class made her USC Trojans debut in November 2023. Similarly, she has broken several records since her debut, demonstrating her domination in the collegiate basketball scene.

Furthermore, Watkins has succeeded for the United States national team. She won gold medals in both the 2021 FIBA Under-16 Americas Championship and the 2022 FIBA Under-17 World Cup.  Her contributions to the national team and MVP-worthy performances have cemented her status as a world-class athlete. In addition, she was the first female athlete represented by Klutch Sports Group.

Does Juju Watkins Have a Boyfriend?

JuJu Watkins‘ skill and tenacity have earned her a place in women’s basketball history. Her unprecedented exploits distinguished her as a great athletic legend. Nonetheless, her love life has sparked intrigue among admirers, with many asking whether she has a partner. Despite widespread interest in her personal life, Watkins has kept her dating status private. However, allegations spread when she went to her high school prom with DJ Wagner, another basketball star.

JuJu Watkins

Who is DJ Wagner?

DJ Wagner, a budding collegiate basketball player, has a strong connection with Watkins. He presently plays for the Kentucky Wildcats in the Southeastern Conference (SEC). According to reports, DJ is the son of former professional basketball player Dajuan Wagner and the grandson of professional basketball player Milt Wagner. DJ, a great point guard from Camden High School in New Jersey, led the Panthers to a 23-3 season as a senior. In 2023, he will become the first third-generation McDonald’s All-American, joining his father and grandparents. DJ Wagner, rated No. 1 by ESPN and 247Sports, committed to Kentucky on November 14, 2022.

Is Juju Watkins in a Relationship with Dj Wagner?

According to sources, their relationship grew out of their mutual interest in basketball. They ultimately attended their proms together in 2023. “He asked me on Facetime. “We were talking about prom, and he asked me,” Watkins told People. DJ Wagner first went to California in May 2023 to attend Sierra Canyon’s prom with Watkins.

In contrast, JuJu Watkins went to New Jersey in June to attend Camden’s prom with Wagner. The couple posted photos of their prom dates on social media, generating interest and conjecture from fans and celebrities alike.
However, neither Watkins nor Wagner have acknowledged their romantic relationship. Instead, they focused on their mutual support for one other’s hopes and objectives. In addition, Wagner indicated in interviews that they have a similar basketball approach.

JuJu Watkins

Their social media sites reveal nothing about any possible romantic engagement, leading followers to speculate about the actual nature of their relationship. It is unclear if JuJu Watkins is now single or romantically linked with DJ Wagner or anybody else.