Jourdan Miller Claimed To Have A Husband

Jourdan Miller

Jourdan Miller was on America’s Next Top Model, a CW reality show, in 2013. She established herself as one of the show’s top competitors, having won five challenges and gotten six first call-outs. After defeating Marvin Cortes in the finals, Miller was proclaimed the ultimate champion. However, while on the program, the model shared a bit of personal information, which elicited a flood of comments from admirers.

Jourdan Miller claimed to be married.

Miller told ANTM that she had been married for a year. Her marriage, however, was short-lived. “I was married at the age of eighteen and divorced at the age of eighteen,” she said. However, she did not reveal who her spouse was or how her marriage had ended during her announcement. Miller admitted to having regrets, but she claims her marriage’s ups and downs taught her a valuable life lesson that shaped her into the woman she is today. Miller claims that her prior spouse was not “very friendly” to her, which may explain her divorce. She went on to say that marrying a spouse was “the worst mistake” of her life. The filmmakers used the footage of Miller discussing her divorce in many episodes.

Jourdan Miller
Jourdan Miller

When the reaction on social media was taken into account, it became clear that the choice irritated the show’s followers. “It wasn’t her fault,” one admirer said in their comments. Another person said that the repetition irritated them. Furthermore, a separate user questioned the logic of repeating what she stated in practically every episode. On the contrary, Reddit members took a different stance on the issue in a November 2013 discussion. Miller was accused by the majority of saying things on purpose in order to elicit sympathy votes.

At the same time, some wondered whether she wasn’t telling the whole truth about her divorce from her ex-husband. Miller took on several modeling assignments, both at home and abroad, after winning ANTM’s cycle 20. This helped her build a reputation for herself in the fashion business. People were interested in her private life as she rose to celebrity, giving rise to rumors about her relationship status.

Is Jourdan Miller dating anyone?

On December 9, 2013, Reality TV World released an exclusive interview with Miller’s male rival on the fashion show, Jeremy Rohmer. During the discussion, the interviewer brought up Rohmer’s broadcast relationship with Miller, asking whether he had a crush on her. To begin with, the model rejected the accusation, claiming that there wasn’t much of a crush, although she did admit to finding her beautiful during their first encounter.

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Rohmer said that he left too soon after discovering she had a boyfriend. Miller’s followers have yet to hear her side of the tale since the model hasn’t either admitted or denied having a boyfriend. Miller’s relationship status seems to be secret at the moment, with no specific data about her love life accessible in public. And although it is not true to use her social media postings to construct a picture of her private life, a trip through her official Instagram and Facebook profiles yields no possible insights about the model and her lover.