Josh McDermitt State That He Always Felt Like Eugene Was A Metalhead

Josh McDermitt

One would think that the zombie-butchering craziness of The Walking Dead and the hammering rhythms of heavy metal would be a perfect fit. This relationship has been celebrated on the show, with Eugene (Josh McDermitt) and Stephanie singing Iron Maiden lines to each other in Season 10. Eat the Rich, a song by fellow English heavy metal band Motorhead, is included in episode 11X10. The music is an excellent accompaniment to the Commonwealth, one of the few sophisticated settlements in the zombie apocalypse. The riveting episode is presently available on AMC Plus.

So, when People asked Josh McDermitt how The Walking Dead’s later seasons became so heavy metal, he replied:

“Yeah, I’ve always appreciated how the program has experimented with various sorts of music. Eugene, on the other hand, always struck me as a metalhead. I occasionally listen to hard metal to get into Eugene’s mindset. So the fact that we’re able to include it into the program is fantastic.”

Josh McDermitt

McDermitt sang “Where the Wild Wind Blows” without knowing it, but he put it to his playlist.

“There’s a lot of room for that type of music. And if we do some nice jazz, if we throw some Dave Koz in there, I believe the program will transport us to a place where we can relax with some boxed wine and watch some humans slaughter some walkers. You’re aware that there is entertainment.”

Today marks the start of the second of three blocks of The Walking Dead Season 11!


How will Alexandria cope when a swarm of walkers descends amid a furious storm? How will the gang that has traveled to Meridian avoid The Reapers? On the other hand, Eugene has progressed from the duped scientist that fans first saw him to becoming one of the essential characters in the Commonwealth narrative.

Josh McDermitt

The Walking Dead 11X09 starts on AMC Networks on February 20. His romance with Stephanie should be an essential feature of the current season. Watch to find out.