John Schnatter Sexuality: Is He Gay? Papa John CEO Net Worth & Relationship

John Schnatter

Is Papa John Gay? Before divorcing Annette Cox in 2018, the former CEO of Papa John’s International Inc. was married to her for three decades. John Schnatter is the founder, former CEO, and chairman of the pizza restaurant company Papa John’s International Inc. The native of Indiana started his company by selling his automobile and using the profits to purchase old restaurant equipment. His dedication and hard work elevated him to the ranks of the top entrepreneurs. Aside from his work life, the businessman’s personal life has piqued the interest of many people. People are wondering whether the former CEO of Papa John’s is homosexual.

Is the CEO of Papa John’s gay? John Schnatter’s Sexuality and Partner

John Schnatter, the creator of Papa John’s, does not seem to be homosexual. For nearly three decades, he was married to Annette Cox. Kristine, Beau, and Danielle Schnatter were the former couple’s three children. The Indiana native has not been in a relationship since divorcing his wife in 2019, raising questions about his sexual orientation. However, it is reasonable to assume that the entrepreneur is heterosexual. Schnatter married Annette Cox on April 11, 1987, and resided in Anchorage, Kentucky. On December 5, 2019, John’s ex-wife filed for divorce.

John Schnatter

Cox said that she and John had been separated for eight months (as of April 2019). She said that the marriage was irreparably damaged. John Schnatter’s ex-wife owns a Papa John’s business in Louisville, according to Heavy. She and her husband have been heavily active in the company and have owned the franchise since the late 1980s. The Company is registered as Joe K Corporation, even though it operates under the Papa John’s brand name. It has less than 50 employees. Furthermore, according to the annual report presented in June 2019, the franchise makes almost $1 million each year.

John Schnatter Adored His Wife

Annette, John Schnatter’s ex-wife, and he had been together since the early days of Papa John’s. Three years after selling pizza out of a converted broom closet, the former couple married. In a 2013 interview, the entrepreneur described Cox as “the finest human being I’ve ever met.” Annette, according to John, is the finest franchise operator in Papa John’s system. When Annette was pregnant with Danielle, she got in a vehicle accident. The event prompted her to give delivery prematurely. The daughter of John Schnatter was born with cerebral palsy.

However, the entrepreneur and his wife said that Danielle lives a regular life owing to several therapies and surgeries. The Schnatter-Cox daughter is a devoted mother of two children with her real estate agent husband, Evan McWhirter.

John Schnatter

Papa John’s Net Worth And Career

Papa John Schnatter’s net worth is $400 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth. After appearing in a series of national advertisements with the characteristic slogan “better ingredients,” the former CEO of Papa John’s became a national star. Much better pizza. “Pappy John’s.” Since its inception in 1984, Papa John’s Pizza has grown at an exponential rate until the early 2010s. In 2012, John Schnatter’s demise with the pizza company started.

The entrepreneur spoke out against the Affordable Care Act. The storm was over quickly. However, another erupted in 2017 as he publicly attacked the NFL for his company’s poor financial performance. As a consequence, in early 2018, John stepped down as CEO. He remained chairman of the board until July 2018. He unexpectedly departed the Company in July 2018 when his nasty statements on a conference call were made public.