John Osborne And Lucie Silvas Are Expecting Their Twins Child

John Osborne

John Osborne and Lucie Silvas are expecting twins in the spring of next year. Silvas told People that she and Osborne are both pleased about the news. The vocalist continued:

“It’s incredible to be in this situation, growing two kids. It’s great when you think you may never get the opportunity to have children and then you find out you’re going to have two.”

Lucie revealed that she found out about her pregnancy via a phone call. She said that pregnancy taught her to nurture, appreciate, and care for their relationship and that John has learned to take care of himself, adding:

“Right now, I’m physically responsible for these two and emotionally responsible for them and myself, so I feel like it’s such a lesson for me to love myself more, so he can love me more if I’m doing that.”

Meanwhile, John claimed that Lucie would be an excellent mother since she has been a mother to him a handful of times when he is being stupid or has had too many drinks. He went on to say that she is a mother figure, adding:

“It’s extremely natural.” I have no doubt that she will adjust to motherhood as well as, if not better than, anybody else. I know I’m going to be entertaining, but I’m not sure how I’m going to handle it. The verdict is in! “However, Lucie is going to absolutely rock it as a parent, and I would bet everything I own on it.”

Lucie Silvas’s age, career, and other details

Lucie Silvas is 45 years old and was born on September 4, 1977. She signed with EMI Records in 2000 and released her debut song, It’s Too Late, followed by an album, Forget Me Not. She then recorded a duet with Natalia and earned a recording deal with Mercury Records in 2003. Breathe In is her second album. Silvas rose to prominence with songs like The Game Is Won and Don’t Look Back.

John Osborne

Her second album, The Same Side, was released in October 2006. Following the failure of The Same Side, she was dropped by her record company, but she continued to work on new songs. Letters to Ghosts was published in September 2015. Silvas worked with Una Healy on a handful of her tracks. She also penned songs for the NBC musical drama Smash and sang a duet with Dave Barnes called Little Civil Wars. Her self-titled EP was published in February 2015, and her most recent album, E.G.O., was released in August 2018.

The path to parenthood of John Osborne and Lucie Silvas

Lucie Silvas revealed in her most recent interview that one of her greatest challenges was having IVF. She described it as a humbling experience, saying,

“Not that I went around thinking I could have everything I wanted, but [pregnancy] was something I could have taken for granted that I could do when I was older, and it’s definitely not something that has come easy.” I’m simply really appreciative, and it’s taught me a lot.” (Source: People)

John Osborne

According to John Osborne, the IVF procedure is difficult for many individuals since it only succeeds the first time for some people and takes several attempts for others. He said that they successfully transplanted two embryos. Lucie’s first scan revealed two heartbeats and two live embryos, according to Osborne. Lucie said that since they had no clue what would happen, they wanted to enjoy every moment instead of stressing about the future. She went on:

“Anything can happen in life, and I don’t want to waste this time worrying – I want to enjoy the fact that we are here, and we have these twins, under circumstances that we thought we would never have.” We’re simply glad that IVF exists.”

In 2015, John Osborne and Lucie Silvas married. John is a member of the music duo Brothers Osborne, along with T.J. Osborne.