Joe Lycett’s Fan Got Offended By One Of His Jokes And Called The Cops On Him 

Joe Lycett

On Tuesday, June 21, British comedian Joe Lycett said that a recent performance audience member had phoned the police over one of his jokes. The 33-year-old Birmingham native turned to Instagram to release an official email announcing the closure of the case.

Lycett noted in his article that he had to make a statement clarifying the context of the joke that angered the person. He also guaranteed his fans that the joke will be featured in the rest of his “UK & Ireland 2022” tour. The comic did not elaborate on the joke or whatever precise section may have upset the audience member.

What did Joe Lycett have to say about his contentious joke?

According to Lycett, the person was offended by one joke or a portion of a joke. The comedian said in an Instagram post:

“So, a few weeks ago, someone came to one of my tour shows and was outraged by one of the jokes. And their totally natural reaction was to contact the f***ing cops.”

Lycett went on to tell how the police were “kind” about it but felt compelled to investigate owing to the allegation. The Got Your Back singer said that the probe forced him to submit “a statement clarifying the context of the joke for them.” The British television personality also highlighted in the post:

“I had a lot of fun using the phrases ‘huge donkey d*ck’ in a message to a police investigator.”

Joe Lycett

The joke in question was deemed by the comic to be one of the greatest he had ever written. Joe Lycett joked in his post that the joke would remain in the tour until he was imprisoned for his remark. His current stand-up comedy tour will run through September, with the last concert scheduled to take place in London.

Lycett refused to divulge any details about the play throughout the current tour that prompted the police inquiry. However, GQ says that it was the one held on June 8 at Waterfront Hall in Belfast. The Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI), according to the journal, stated that the complaint was filed as a consequence of the aforementioned program.


According to GQ and Joe Lycett himself, the inquiry is now complete. The wording on the screenshot of the ostensibly official police email reads:

“First and foremost, thank you for your assistance today; it is very appreciated. I can certify that the police have concluded the case.”

Previous issues involving Joe Lycett

Lycett made a contentious appearance on the UK-based Channel 4 discussion program Steph’s Packed Lunch last year. The presenter of the show questioned the comic about a single-use plastic bottle in one of Lycett’s Instagram photos of his garden. Following a witty response, the British celebrity exited the program. Many fans suspected at the time that the mention of the single-use plastic bottle made by Steph McGovern on the program caused Lycett to leave since he had previously committed to quitting using single-use plastic.

Joe Lycett

Prior to the aforementioned dispute, Joe Lycett officially changed his name in order to oppose German luxury fashion label Hugo Boss. At the time, the company was accused of mailing cease-and-desist letters to small companies and nonprofits with the word “boss” in their names. The firm subsequently addressed the situation, stating that they had achieved an amicable agreement with one of the businesses they had barred from using the term.