Jim Irsay Health Update: What Happened To Him? Is He Dead Or Alive?

Jim Irsay

Jim Irsay is not dead, but the Colts owner is now suffering from a respiratory condition. Several media publications reported that the millionaire overdosed last month. The 64-year-old has not made a public appearance in a long time. His most recent outing came on December 16 at Lucas Oil Stadium against the Steelers. That in itself should be considered a miracle, given that he almost died just a week ago. The alleged overdose happened on December 8, and Carmel police claimed that the Colts owner was administered naloxone before being transported to a nearby hospital. Irsay, a youthful owner of an NFL franchise, joined the Colts as general manager in 1984. Jim took over the team in 1997, after the death of his father, Robert Isray.

Is Jim Irsay Dead or Alive? Health Update 2024

Jim Irsay, the Colts owner, is not dead, but his latest health news has thrown the NFL world into a frenzy. The word about the billionaire’s worsening health has been circulating since the first week of the new year. On January 9, it was announced that Irsay was being treated for a serious respiratory disease. He was unable to attend the Jim Irsay Collection event in Los Angeles or play with the Jim Irsay band due to his continuous medical treatment.

Jim Irsay

There were concerns about the NFL club owner’s health since Irsay is more prominent than others in his role. Subsequent reports suggest Jim’s suffering was severe and long-term. On January 17, multiple news agencies reported that the Colts owner was discovered unconscious inside his house last month. According to accounts, emergency services were summoned to Isray’s residence in Carmel, Indiana, around 4:30 a.m. on December 8.

The 64-year-old had collapsed in the lavatory and struggled to breathe. According to the police, a 66-year-old man called and led them to the location where Irsay fell. According to reports, when officials came, the Colts owner was discovered unconscious, with irregular breathing (agonal breathing), a weak pulse, and a cool touch. According to one police officer’s report, Irsay was given naloxone, “a medicine that rapidly reverses an opioid overdose.” Another officer said that Jim reacted marginally to the naloxone before being transferred to a nearby hospital.

Irsay and Health Issues: Did Something Happened To Him?

The Colts owner has spoken openly about his struggles with mental health, addiction, and alcoholism. The three concerns have been lingering for a long time in the Irsay family. Jim’s grandparents died from drinking, as did his father. Hunter S. Thompson, one of Irsay’s closest friends, contacted him 12 hours before he committed himself in 2005. Thompson had been abusing alcohol and cocaine for some years before developing depression.

According to an Indy Star piece from 2014, the millionaire has not consumed alcohol in over a decade. However, an instance in 2014 demonstrates different. On March 16, 2014, the millionaire was stopped by the police. A laundry bag filled with tablets was discovered in the front seat of his SUV. Irsay was charged with four felony narcotics crimes, and his photo showed he was having difficulty keeping his eyes open.

Jim Irsay

Last year, Jim told HBO Sports that he was targeted because he is “a rich white billionaire.” He acknowledged drug usage but played down the significance of his arrest. Irsay said the arrest was incorrect and that he had recently had hip surgery. The Colts owner said, “I had just had hip surgery and had been in a vehicle for 45 minutes, and what? They asked me to walk the line. Are you kidding me? “I can barely walk at all.”

But in recent years, Irsay and his family have attempted to raise awareness about mental health concerns. During the pandemic, the family launched the Kick the Stigma campaign. Irsay also apparently goes to Alcoholics Anonymous meetings in San Francisco. He also believes it is one of his particular objectives to assist homeless women and others overcome mental health challenges.