Jessica Andrade’s 7 Beautiful Tattoos & Their Meanings

Jessica Andrade is a well-known Brazilian professional MMA fighter. She is presently a UFC fighter competing in the Women Flyweight Division. Jessica used to play soccer as a kid and aspired to be a soccer player; however, when she was given a position in Sao Paulo, her parents prohibited her from accepting the position. Several tattoos may be seen on her body. Let’s take a look at what they are and what they represent to her.

1. Rose Tattoo

Rose Tattoo
Jessica Andrade (Source: Google)

Tattoo: Jessica has a lovely rose tattooed on the inside side of her left arm.

Meaning: Rose is a worldwide emblem of love and passion. It symbolizes the youthful love, the love that keeps the pair together and closes. It is also an essential method to represent friendships and intimate relationships. According to Christian theology, the red rose and its five petals represent the blood of Jesus Christ spilled at his crucifixion.

2. Tribal Tattoo on Shoulder

Tribal Tattoo on Shoulder
Jessica Andrade (Source: Google)

Tattoo: She has an elaborate tribal pattern tattooed on her right shoulder. The tattoo wraps around her arm and has a tribal lotus on the inside.

Meaning: Tribal tattoos are a sign of protection, strength, and bravery. It is a means of displaying your rich culture and history. The tribal lotus, on the other hand, is a means of rising above temptation and becoming a better person. It represents beauty and purity.

3. Tribal Arm Band Tattoo

Tribal Arm Band Tattoo
Jessica Andrade (Source: google)

Tattoo: A tribal band tattoo wraps across her arm on her right bicep.

Meaning: Tribal armbands represent knowledge, power, and the intellectual being.

4. Heart with a rose inside Tattoo

Heart with a rose inside Tattoo
Jessica Andrade (Source: google)

Tattoo: Jessica has a tiny outlined heart tattooed on the inside side of her right wrist. A tiny rose is also tattooed within the heart.

Meaning: The heart symbolizes love, passion, and the cause for any living being’s existence. The heart with a rose is the finest representation of ‘young love,’ passion, and devotion.

5. Tiger Eyes Tattoo

Tiger Eyes Tattoo
Jessica Andrade (Source: Google)

Tattoo: Her left forearm is adorned with a stunning tattoo of tiger eyes. With the blue eyes etched on the tattoo, it has taken on a more dramatic appearance.

Meaning: The tiger is a symbol of courage and power. This tattoo represents dedication, power, and beauty. It symbolizes the tiger’s concentration and tenacity, and therefore the wearer seems to have that in his personality.

6. ‘Mandala’ Tattoo

‘Mandala’ Tattoo
Jessica Andrade (Source: Google)

Tattoo: Jessica has a tribal Mandala tattooed over her right shoulder.

Meaning:  Mandala is a spiritual emblem of great significance to Buddhists. Its design is made up of different symbols, graphics, and icons that are usually arranged in the form of a circle. It is said to be a sign of equilibrium and eternity. Some individuals have it tattooed as a protective sign for themselves. In the Sanskrit language, the term Mandala means “circle.”

7. ‘Amor Maior’ Tattoo

‘Amor Maior’ Tattoo
Jessica Andrade (Source: Google)

Tattoo: On the inside of Jessica’s left forearm is a brief Spanish sentence with a star tattooed on each side.

Meaning: When translated into English, ‘amor maior’ means “big love.”