Jesse Williams Spoke About His Viral Leaked Video During The Interview

Jesse Williams

Jesse Williams recently talked about how a full-frontal naked video of him performing on stage was released online and became viral, and how it affected the Broadway show’s crowd attendance. Williams noted in an interview that the unfortunate video release was “not nice.” Someone in the crowd shot a video clip of Jesse playing a homosexual baseball player during the Broadway production Take Me Out. The Grey’s Anatomy actor and co-star Patrick J. Adams have a lot of naked sequences on the program.

“I’m still digesting,” Jesse Williams says as the production company tightens security.

Jesse discussed how he thinks about being in the play now and whether or not it has influenced his performance throughout the interview. According to Jesse:

“It had no effect on performance.” There were certain things that came out, and if you can joke about it, you can laugh it off. But then you consider what really occurred and what it took: You came in and promised to put your phones away, and you agreed not to record what we were doing—a it’s private, holy area where we’re doing something—and you broke that, and you violated it and then said, ‘F—k it, let me put it on the Internet for the world,’ so that’s not good.”

Jesse Williams

Jesse further said that the incident had enhanced ticket sales for the performance. While Jesse Williams has not voiced any anger or resentment about the occurrence, he has said that he is very insulted by it. Jesse, who is still shaken by the incident, claims that his desire to perform has not altered, and he considers himself lucky to put on a fantastic performance eight times a week. Nonetheless, he is outraged by the “unfortunate” situation.


Security is tightened as a result of a viral video leak.

After the actor’s naked video went viral, the Second Stage Theater issued a statement declaring that they guaranteed the cast’s privacy by making the whole premises phone-free. However, as a result of the terrible situation, they are currently focusing on adding employees and strengthening phone restrictions inside the program.

Before entering the Broadway musical in which Jesse is performing, the audience is required to place their cell phones in a locker. The phones are stored in Yondr pouches, which are special lock bags designed for intimate, phone-free gatherings. This prohibits the use of gadgets until they are unlocked at the exit.

Jesse Williams

Nonetheless, someone in the crowd shared a naked video of Jesse Williams showering on set on social media. Jesse’s leaked photographs and videos have gone viral on the internet after the event. People from all around the globe have been using memes to express their feelings. Take Me Out is a fan favorite, having been nominated for four Tony Awards in 2022. Jesse Williams was nominated for ‘Best Performance by an Actor in a Featured Role in a Play.’

The release of naked photographs and videos from inside the performance was denounced by the cast, show creators, and other celebrities. At the same time, the cast and crew of Take Me Out hope that anything like this does not happen again so that their privacy is protected.