Jerry Rice Wife: Who Is He Married To? Iconic NFL Player Relationship & Family

Jerry Rice

Jerry Rice’s name is linked with football greatness. Rice’s impact extends beyond his professional accomplishments as one of the best wide receivers in NFL history. This article dives into Jerry Rice’s personal life, concentrating on his marriage to two major women, his children, and the relationships that have kept football firmly inside the Rice family.

Jerry Rice’s place in football history is obvious. Rice has an intriguing marriage history apart from the thundering audiences and touchdown celebrations. From his early marriage to Jacqueline Bernice Mitchell to his present relationship with Latisha Pelayo, this article will shed light on the complexities of Jerry Rice’s relationships.

Jacqueline Bernice Mitchell Was His First Wife

Jerry Rice and Jacqueline Bernice Mitchell exchanged vows on September 8, 1987. Despite their significant age difference, the two recognized love and compatibility in one another. They initially met at an MVS basketball game, a setting distant from the football field, while Jackie was still in high school. Their relationship lasted for the majority of Rice’s playing career.

Jerry Rice

Know More About Latisha Pelayo, His Second Wife

Fast forward to a romantic scenario at Napa Valley’s Calistoga Ranch, where Jerry Rice and Latisha Pelayo declared their love for one other. Their marriage meant not just the beginning of a new chapter for Rice, but also the culmination of nearly a decade of togetherness. Their wedding was more than simply another gathering; it was a magnificent celebration honoring Rice’s second marriage.


Football is firmly ingrained in the Rice family line. One of Jerry’s offspring, Brenden Rice, has made progress on the football field, displaying a sparkle of his father’s brilliance. Brenden has built a reputation for himself, first at Colorado and eventually moving to USC, but still in the shadow of his father’s history.

Jacqueline Bernice Mitchell

Jacqueline, sometimes known as Jackie, was born on January 7, 1967, and became a mother at the age of 20. They brought three children into the world with Jerry, with each kid taking on the Rice name and heritage.

Jerry Rice


Jerry Rice’s life is a complex jumble of unrivaled professional accomplishments and strong personal relationships. Rice’s tale is a testimony to the balance of fame, love, and family, as shown via two marriages and a close-knit family. Jerry Rice’s marriage and family life is an intriguing look inside the life of an NFL great for anyone interested in learning more.