Jen Vrabel All About Mike Vrabel Wife

Jen Vrabel

Jen Vrabel is the Wife of Mike Vrabel. Mike, whose real name is Michael George Vrabel, was a former linebacker and is now the head coach of the Tennessee Titans of the NFL (National Football League).

Jen Vrabel married who and when?

Jen Vrabel’s real name is Jen Vrabel. Jennifer Vrabel married American football coach Mike Vrabel. In 2010, he retired from the NFL after nearly completing seasons with Kansas City (two), New England (eight), and Pittsburgh (four).

He was also the linebackers coach at Ohio State at the time. When did Jen get married, ignoring his professional life? Well, the two first met at Ohio State University and married in 1999. They’ve been together for over two decades.

Jen, after the wedding, did she work as a dental hygienist?

Jen’s interesting fact is that she was a volleyball scholarship recipient at the university. Mike, her husband, was the first to graduate, followed by her. Both of them work in the sports industry. Isn’t it fascinating? Two of them, on the other hand, got together. After that, did she work as a dental hygienist?

Yes, she has previously worked as a dental hygienist before moving to Massachusetts. She wasn’t expecting a child at the time.

Blessed with two children

The lady gave birth to two adorable children after their marriage. Tyler and Carter Vrabel were given these names because their parents are sports fans. Similarly, their sons are involved in the games, proving that sports are in their blood. Tyler, their older son, is a football player at Boston College.

Tyler also expressed gratitude on social media for his parents, coaches, opportunities, and programs that have supported and developed him throughout his career. He also committed to attending college to further his academic and athletic careers.

Cartel, their younger son, also enjoys baseball and is quite athletic. Their second son will be attending college on a baseball scholarship soon. Both parents must be incredibly proud of their sons.

Jen has been a strong supporter of her husband Mike’s professional endeavors.

Jen has been a strong supporter of her husband for a long time. She had always been there for him, through thick and thin. She has been the best version of herself, devoted to his career at all times.

Jen Vrabel
Jen Vrabel

She also stated that she always looks at him to see what he is doing or where he is going. She appears in almost every game he plays. She stayed on top of him in the game and when he was injured in an event. It demonstrates how much Mike has his better half’s back.

Mike Vrabel’s father is at the center of a controversy

Mike is a former National Football League player who was a member of the Pittsburgh Steelers. We can see how far his career has progressed. However, members of the Vrabel family had previously been in the news. His wife Jen, who had tweeted on her social media sites, sparked controversy.

Then there was another dispute involving his father, Chuck Vrabel. He is the principal of Buckeye High School, which he holds professionally. In 2015, the man impeached a woman who worked as a teacher at the same school.

Later on, it became a major issue, prompting the school district to investigate sexual harassment. His father was placed on a ten-day leave, two of which were unpaid.

Estimated Net Worth

Jen Vrabel’s net worth is unknown, but Jen Vrabel’s better half, Mike, has an estimated net worth of $11 million as of January 2024.


Mike, her 45-year-old husband, is her life partner.