Jeff Burton Announces That He Has Been Diagnosed With Cancer 

Jeff Burton

Jeff Burton, star of The Rizzuto Show, recently entered hospice care after being diagnosed with cancer. Rizzuto said on Monday, July 11, that Burton, 55, had last been on the program on July 1, which had a negative impact on him. He went on to say that Jeff had not been feeling well in recent days and that he was waiting for an update from Jeff’s wife, Julie. Rizzuto also said that Jeff may not return.

Jeff was just brought to the hospital due to the development of prostate cancer throughout his body. Doctors determined that Jeff needed an end-of-life plan, so he returned to his house on July 8. Julie said that his family is doing all possible to help him feel at ease and thanks everyone for their love and support.

Jeff Burton’s age and health difficulties

Burton announced to his listeners in March 2021 that he had prostate cancer, explaining that the diagnosis occurred after a routine blood test indicated that his PSA levels were increasing. He said that he had another check-up a few months later and that his PSA readings were still rising.

Jeff Burton

Rizzuto recently updated the public on Burton’s condition. He also said that Burton had to come in and out of the program recently because he needed to use the restroom throughout his performances. Rizzuto said,

“He came and went. He texted me a few of times while we were on the air, saying things like, “they turn me down, I need hurry to the restroom.”

In a social media post, Jeff’s wife Julie reported that physicians at Missouri Baptist were working hard to stabilize him and that he underwent two blood transfusions as well as a platelet transfusion at the time. Although his health gradually improved, his blood levels were abnormal, and the malignancy was clearly damaging his body. Rizzuto said that he is hoping for a miracle for Jeff. Patrico noted that Jeff has long worked in radio and that he grew up listening to Jeff.

Jeff Burton

About Jeff Burton

Since 2014, Jeff Burton has been a member of The Rizzuto Show, which he co-hosted alongside Rizzuto, Tony Patrico, Moon Valjean, and King Scott. He has also presented and co-produced C**p On Celebrities, a celebrity news feature. In March 2022, Burton was featured on the Women Want Strong Men podcast. He’s been on the radio since 1986. He formerly worked as a DJ for 105.7 The Point. In 2018, he published his first children’s book, The Watering Hole.