Jasmine Chiswell Is Criticized After She Made Fun Of The University Of Wisconsin Volleyball Taam Photo

Jasmine Chiswell

Jasmine Chiswell, a TikTok star renowned for her retro-styled films, is under fire for a video that seems to be laughing about the University of Wisconsin volleyball team picture breach. Chiswell, who has over 16 million TikTok followers, shared the video with the caption:

“My spouse and I recently had a tremendous fight, and he stated he’s moving to Wisconsin to play volleyball.”

Despite the fact that the video was removed, another TikToker, Ms Ryan, stitched Chiswell’s video and said that she didn’t comprehend the joke’s punchline. Ms Ryan speculates in the film that Jasmine’s husband was looking at photographs of “barely legal ladies (who) had their naked pictures published without their consent.” Ms Ryan’s TikTok video has over 355,000 views as of Wednesday, October 26, 2022, and has received over 200 Instagram likes.

Jasmine Chiswell

Netizens continue to show their support for the Wisconsin volleyball team.

Jasmine Chiswell’s video drew quick condemnation from her fans. Many people agreed with Ms Ryan and supported the Wisconsin squad. Photos of University of Wisconsin women’s volleyball players started circulating last week without the athletes’ permission. The photographs, which were shot inside their locker area, were widely shared on social media sites such as Twitter, TikTok, and Reddit. The institution issued a statement on October 20, 2022, stating that the photographs were “never meant to be disseminated publicly.” According to the statement, “unauthorized disclosure is a major and wrongful infringement of the student privacy.”

Netizens supported the team and condemned the occurrence as a blatant invasion of their privacy. In light of this, Chiswell’s video did not leave a favorable impression. While some people stated that the video left a terrible taste in their mouths, others pointed out that she had no need to make light of the situation. Some viewers were likewise perplexed by the video’s punchline.

According to one comment:

“When I saw it, I felt it. What’s hilarious, for example? That’s a terribly terrible thing to laugh at.”

Users praised Ms Ryan’s video for how she handled the issue with the Wisconsin volleyball team.

Who exactly is Jasmine Chiswell?

The Scottish TikTok celebrity, who withdrew the Wisconsin video after the outcry, came to fame as the internet’s “Marilyn Monroe.” The influencer resides in the home Monroe had with baseball star Joe Dimaggio during their marriage. On TikTok, Chiswell does vintage-inspired beauty and fashion videos.

Jasmine Chiswell

She recently teamed with Colourpop, expressing her retro-modern flair. Jasmine also shares home tours and intimate tales with her 16 million Instagram followers. Even before the Wisconsin video, netizens were split over her. Some people praised her videos and labeled her material as “wholesome.” Others were offended by TikToker’s apparent exploitation of the renowned Hollywood starlet’s life.

Following the current video, one person commented:

“I used to adore her material. It’s become so strange lately, and I’ve stuck it out, but I think this is the last straw.”