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James Charles

Being a’man in make-up’ is one of the most popular rising trends on social media platforms, and we can now find a slew of male beauty gurus sharing their artistic skills on social media, shattering stereotypes that make-up is a girly thing. James Charles is one of them. Explore more about James Charles Bio, Wiki, Age, Height, Weight, Net Worth, Relationship, Career & Facts

Quick Facts

Full Name:James Dickinson
Born Date:23 May 1999
Age:25 years
Lucky Number:11
Lucky Stone:Agate
Lucky Color:Yellow
Best Match for Marriage:Leo, Aquarius, Libra
Profession:Beauty vlogger, Youtuber, Internet Celebrity, Makeup artist
Height:5 feet 9 inches (1.75m)
Marital Status:single
Net Worth$22 million
Eye ColorDark Brown
Hair ColorDark Brown
Birth PlaceBethlehem, Albany County, New York
EducationBethlehem Central High School
MotherChristie Dickinson
SiblingsOne (brother Ian Jeffrey)
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Who Is James Chares? Age And Biography

Being a’man in make-up’ is one of the most popular rising trends on social media platforms, and we can now find a slew of male beauty gurus sharing their artistic skills on social media, shattering stereotypes that make-up is a girly thing. James Charles Dickinson, known for presenting the ‘man in make-up’ gender concept, was born on May 23, 1999, in Albany County, New York State, USA, under the zodiac sign of Gemini. He is 25 years right now. He is regarded as one of the most well-known and successful make-up artists and beauty vloggers, having risen to prominence through the posting of various beauty content to his official social media accounts, which include Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, and Twitter.

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James Charles Career

Regarding his career, James also rose to prominence as the first male spokesmodel for the renowned cosmetics brand CoverGirl. On his official YouTube channel, he recently debuted his own reality show called “Instant Influencer.” That’s quite impressive for such a young man! His incredible achievements in the entertainment industry have helped him stand out among many other internet personalities who have captured the hearts of millions of his fans.

James Charles Net Worth 2024

In terms of net worth, James Charles’s net worth is about $22 million as of January 2024.

James Charles Dating History

Curiosity about his personal life has grown in tandem with his popularity. James came out as gay not long after he became famous.

In October 2018, the handsome Canadian singer posted an Instagram Live video of himself juggling balls, and James commented, “Can you juggle me like that?” Shawn ended his video as soon as the comment appeared. His fans couldn’t help but notice, and many speculated that he didn’t like the comment at all. Shortly after, at one of his parties, the famous singer mentioned James, saying, “that dude is always commenting weird sh*t on my posts,” according to Seventeen magazine.

The beauty guru later apologized to him on Twitter, writing, “I’ve been supporting Shawn Mendes since Vine & am a fan like anyone else, & would never want to make anyone uncomfortable.” I’m upset, embarrassed, and sorry if he felt sexually harassed,” Shawn responded. Sorry for all of this; I’ve never said I don’t like you or that you bother me. Your comments make me laugh, and I appreciate them!”

James Charles joined the Sister Squad in 2018, along with Emma Chamberlain and the Dolan twins, Ethan and Grayson.

In October of that year, their fans began to speculate that James and Grayson had become romantically involved in a relationship; at first, neither of them commented on the matter, but in December, it appeared that Jason denied it in a tweet, writing, “I wish people would stop over analyzing popular influencer friendships on social media.” Take it for what it is and enjoy it for what it is. Some of the rumors are insane; it’s toxic, frustrating, and it can begin to affect us in private.” Grayson, on the other hand, stated in one of his videos that the dating rumors were false.

Around the same time, James Charles revealed details about his personal life in an interview with Entertainment Tonight magazine, admitting that he wished he had a boyfriend. He also stated that he used to use dating apps but “got bored and deleted it.” “My dating app accounts are always deleted because they think I’m catfishing,” he explained.
So impolite!” James went on to say that he was “too busy” to be in a relationship, adding, “I don’t have time.” I really need a boyfriend right now. I don’t want to sit here and message back and forth with people. As in, “Hello, no!”

Furthermore, he revealed his ideal boyfriend, saying, “I want someone really cute and fun and fresh for good Instagram pictures, and who just makes me really happy,” but also adding, “I do love a good dark guy.”

In April 2019, James released the video “THE TRUTH… My Crush Does My Makeup,” which he co-wrote with his boyfriend Jeff Wittek, in which he discussed his sexuality and made a transphobic remark. He described the Kinsey scale, also known as the Heterosexual–Homosexual Rating Scale, to Jeff.

The scale runs from 0 to 6, and James stated that he is a 5.5, to which Jeff replied, “So you’re not even full gay,” to which he replied, “I mean, there have been girls in the past who I’ve thought were very, very beautiful.” There have also been trans guys in the past who I was really, really into for a brief period.” It sparked widespread outrage, with many claiming that his remarks were transphobic and that he did not consider transgender men to be real men. He issued an immediate public apology via Twitter, writing, “In an attempt to explain the very complex concept of sexuality & mine in my vid today, I unintentionally implied that my trans brothers & sisters aren’t valid.” This is NOT what I was attempting to convey. You are authentic in your identity!! I apologize and should have chosen my words more carefully!”

According to Seventeen magazine, James then posted an Instagram story video in which he stated, “I put myself at a 5.5 on the Kinsey Scale because I have thought some women were beautiful in the past and also because I have been with a trans man… Regardless of my intentions, that came across as me saying I’m not ‘fully gay’ because I’ve been a trans man, which is absolutely – first and foremost, not true, because that doesn’t make me not fully gay – but that stereotype and implication is extremely dangerous, and I am deeply sorry. If you are a trans man, you are a man; if you are a trans girl, you are a woman… your identity is valid.”

The successful CoverGirl ambassador sparked romance rumors in late 2019, allegedly being in a relationship with beauty guru and social media content creator Manny Gutierrez, better known as Manny MUA. However, Manny denied any romance in his video, “Finally Addressing The Rumors About Me,” so those rumors appeared to be false. “I don’t know what prompted the idea that me and James are anything more than just friends,” he told his fans. I can assure you that me and James are not f—ing, that we are not dating, that we are not together, that we are not an item in any way, shape, or form.” “We’re friends,” he added. We have not yet connected. We just aren’t each other’s type.”

In February 2020, James made headlines once more when he tweeted, “Ok so who’s going to take one for the team and be my valentine?” Turner ‘Ttfue’ Tenney, a famous YouTuber and gamer, quickly responded with “Me.” Ttfue revealed two days later that they met up and went on a date. On Valentine’s Day, he posted a photo of them jet skiing together with the caption, “it never hurts to shoot your shot.” Their fans went crazy after seeing the post. However, it is unknown whether or not they went on a second date.