Jaimy Kenswie- All About The Girlfriend Of Denzel Dumfries

Jaimy Kenswie

Denzel Dumfries’s gorgeous companion is Jaimy Kenswiel of Inter Milan. Jaimy is a party planner, stylist, and the CEO of Lovely Booth, according to her LinkedIn page.

Quick facts

Full NameJaimy Kenswiel
First NameJaimy
Last NameKenswiel
ProfessionCelebrity Girlfriend
Birth CountryNetherlands
Gender IdentityFemale
Sexual OrientationStraight
Marital StatusRelation
Relation WithDenzel Dumfries
No Of Children2
Date of BirthJuly 4, 1996
Age27 years

Getting Married Soon

Denzel and Jaimy have been dating since 2015. They met for the first time in Rotterdam. Denzel was playing for Sparta Rotterdam at the time. She has been frequently in the stands since then, cheering for her spouse. She has seen her spouse grow over the years. The pair is still together and living happily ever after, but they have yet to marry.

Mother of two lovely children

Jaimy has two gorgeous children, a boy and a daughter, whom she shares with her spouse. Jesiah, their first child, was born in September 2020. They became parents for the second time in 2021 when they welcomed their daughter.

Jaimy Kenswie

Her partner’s upbringing

Denzel was born in the Dutch city of Rotterdam to an Aruban father and a Surinamese mother. He grew up with his three siblings, with whom he is quite close. He is the second of four children born to his parents. Denzel said in an interview that he had always wanted to be a professional footballer and was determined to make that goal a reality.

Though he had no idea where the inspiration came from, there was a desire in him, and he tried all he could to satisfy it, despite being humiliated by his classmates multiple times for his lack of abilities at the time. He was turned down multiple times because he was not good enough, but he did not quit. He moved out of his parent’s house for the first time after joining Heerenveen, where he learned to be independent. Denzel began late, according to him.


He was 18 when he joined Sparta, but this was a strength for him since he came late, hungry, and determined to demonstrate his abilities. Fighting was vital to him, and it inspired him to excel in his work. Denzel played for PSV for three years and was also the club’s captain. At the time, he was also a member of the Dutch national team.

He was 17 when he played for the Aruba national football team and scored, but he did not play official games since he would not have been eligible to move to the Netherlands national team if he had. He had always wanted to represent the Netherlands. He had greater plans and objectives, according to him, but he knew from an early age that he would play for the Netherlands national team, which was his aim. Even if others did not believe him, he trusted in himself and remained focused on his objective. He considers himself fortunate to be a member of the national squad. Denzel’s performance in the European Championship was so spectacular that Inter Milan wanted to sign him. Denzel got a fantastic sensation when he learned from his agency that Inter Milan was interested in him. He expressed his happiness and honor.

Jaimy Kenswie

Discover more about Denzel Dumfries

Denzel Washington, an American actor, inspired his name. Denzel was named after the American actor Denzel Washington by his parents. Denzel says he admires Washington and enjoys his films. He said this during an interview. Washington is a highly inspirational individual who is honored to be called after him.

His interests

Denzel enjoys listening to music. He enjoys listening to music when driving or at home. He claims to like Afro and dance music, despite his inability to dance. Burna Boy is his favorite artist. People claim he doesn’t grin much, yet he smiles all day. People usually think Denzel doesn’t grin much, but the truth is that he smiles all day.

People who know Denzel know that he grins the whole day outside of the field. He enjoys making jokes and having fun with his colleagues as well as his family. He is never upset or dissatisfied with himself outside of the field.

Net Worth

Her net worth is being calculated. We currently know her partner’s net worth. Denzel has been blazing even brighter recently, and his net worth is about to rise. His net worth is projected to be at $10 million as of December 2023.