J Prince Jr Is Criticized By Takeoff Fan After He Walks Past His Dead Body

J Prince Jr

Takeoff fans have attacked Mob Ties CEO J Prince Jr in the aftermath of the rapper’s murder in Houston, Texas. The event occurred during a dice game between Takeoff and Quavo, which resulted in an altercation and, as a result of the subsequent mayhem, Takeoff was shot. However, footage of the event went viral, leading people to believe that J Prince strolled past Takeoff’s lifeless corpse. Takeoff’s supporters chastised him for leaving the location while Quavo was pleading for assistance. J Prince Jr, Takeoff, and Quavo were seen at a Halloween party in Houston. Quavo also shared a video of himself in a convertible vehicle with Jas Prince and two other people on his Instagram Story. On Instagram, Prince Jr. also posted a couple of screenshots and indicated that Quavo, No Cap, and Shakur Stevenson were heading to a bowling party.

Fans of Takeoff slam J. Prince Jr. on Twitter.

The public was outraged by Prince Jr.’s behavior of strolling by Takeoff’s lifeless corpse, and they replied on Twitter:

Following the shooting, Jas Prince posted a statement on his Instagram Story that said,

“I never want to hear of such atrocities occurring anyplace, particularly in my city and to my family.” I couldn’t believe it when I was awakened by a call about this. My brother @quavohuncho, I’m with you. “Prayers to everyone who is gurting RIP @yrntakeoff.”

J Prince Jr

After Takeoff was shot, police officers arrived at the scene at 2:30 a.m. and declared him dead. Two other persons were hurt and taken to the hospital in private automobiles. The identity of the other two people is unknown. A video of Quavo became viral as well, in which he asked a 911 operator,

“What exactly does she need to do?”

The lady on the other end showed herself to be a nurse and opted to assist Takeoff. Dispatchers addressed the event in a video obtained by TMZ, indicating that five rounds were fired. Takeoff rose to prominence as a member of Migos, with Offset and Quavo. Their debut mixtape, Juug Season, was released in August 2011, and they rose to prominence with their 2013 hit Versace. They launched their debut album, Yung Rich Nation, in July 2015, and have since followed up with Culture, Culture II, and Culture III.

Fitnesse2tymes is managed by J Prince Jr.

J Prince Jr is the creator and CEO of Mob Ties, a streetwear company. Movement of Bosses Together In Elevated Structure is another name for the brand. James Prince, J Prince’s father, is a musical celebrity and the founder of the company Rap-A-Lot Records. Jas Prince, a businessman and record label CEO, and Jay Prince, who works at Prince Boxing, are among his siblings.

J Prince Jr

J. Prince Jr. owns a restaurant in Midtown Houston. According to his Instagram, he is the manager of rapper Fitnesse2tymes. In an interview with Dazed Digital, Prince Jr discussed his local neighborhood and claimed,

“One thing my father constantly told me was, ‘Never forget where you came from.’ There is nothing greater than being able to give back to your community and inspire, motivate, and impact others that come from your surroundings.”

In another interview, he said that he frequently invites prominent rappers such as Chris Brown and Drake to his birthday parties.